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Thread subject: Back to Winter!
Name Date Message
Nancy L 03/09/05 01:00 pm Monday, we were resting on the patio in short sleeves & 80 degrees. The day before we were walking barefoot on the beach.
Came home last night to 15 degrees & a blizzard! Well, it's still great to be home. I got that little grandson of mine laughing!!
So now I'm all caught up on our "messages," and ready to check out my numerous osprey nests nearby. I'll give them a week to return.
Tim P 03/09/05 01:53 pm We ordered the storm just to welcome you home Nancy. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.Traveling was horrific yesterday here on Long Island. The kid was prob laughing at you returning to the Blizzard.(just kidding)
Melanie 03/09/05 03:08 pm This morning as I was leaving for work, I heard a call that sounded REAL familiar. I darn near gave myself whiplash whipping my head around and up. Could it possibly be? Nope. It was a feathered sky rat (aka seagull) who was doing an uncanny imitation and then broke out into a gull-laugh. I guess the joke was on me. If I were an osprey, I would certainly rethink turning around and heading back across the equator. Cold and windy here in MD. And it was 70 the day before the storm. Not funny. Not funny at all.

But spring is definitely nearby - the mockingbirds are singing which they only do during mating/nesting season, the robins are here in force and the wrens are making their way through.
Celeste 03/09/05 05:28 pm I agree Melanie, spring has got to be nearby....though we had a horrible windy storm with loss of electricity, icy conditions, does melt much quicker than a January storm, giving hope that soon this will be over....There is nothing I hate more is snow in April!
And Nancy, I felt the same way after being in nice warm weather in the Keys of Florida. I had to keep reminding myself that I was coming home to winter, and it seems it has come back full force since my return!
Marie 03/10/05 09:38 am Try to smile everyone down east.....SPRING is definitely on its way......wishing you all the best.
It has got to warm up for those OSPREYS or they will get confused and besides the People here need a colourful season after all that you have had to endure lately.

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