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Thread subject: Our Ospreys
Name Date Message
Matt 03/12/05 08:24 am Well with no cam yet (and hopefully its due to the poor weather lately), does anyone know if they actually came back yet?
karen 03/12/05 09:00 am Good question Matt ... is anyone near enough to the nest to watch out and report any sightings? and Dave and Tom any update on the camera? you all have been very quiet ... is there anything we all can do to help ? Is money an issue? Thnaks for any new info .... karen
Shelley 03/12/05 11:12 am Hi everyone,

I haven't been around much since last season but I do lurk from time to time. Like you, I have been eagerly awaiting the beginning of this season and the return of *our* ospreys! And, like you, I have also been a bit concerned about the lack of news.Not to mention, the lack of camera!!

So I clicked on the link at the very bottom of the main site page and sent an email to Rick Mohlman, last week (March 7) to ask. Here is his reply, received the same day, March 7:

We are hoping to install the camera this coming weekend march 13. there will be some debugging, so donĂ¢€™t know for sure if all will be working but if we receive the camera this week, this weekend we will mount it and then debug it..


Well, March 13 is tomorrow, so I guess we will just have to sit tight till then. I do wish, though, that someone from the site would post some news, some update of cam status, either on the main page or here, where so many observers are waiting anxiously. I don't want to ruffle any feathers (sorry for the pun; I know it's a bit early for that, ;-)) but last season was just so spectacular and I know for a fact that there are MANY regular observers who don't necessarily post but who tune in daily to observe the cam. This site is by far the best of the web cams out there on the internet and especially after last season, has gained such an impressive following. It would be a pity to lose people who may not come to this forum, if they keep peeking in and thought there was no longer a cam. After all, the site still has last year's message of the cam being up and running on Feb. 29, 2004, on it.

DPOF? Please, some word, some sign of life? Even a rocket....?
karen 03/12/05 11:28 am Shelley thanks for the update .... today brought more snow to Long Island so hoping that won't change the plans for tomorrows work on th camara!
Tiger 03/12/05 11:46 am Yes it does seem a little worrying that there is no news. I guess that Betty and Dennis are coming nearer ever day.
Marie 03/12/05 12:37 pm Since the Blackwater camera has 'lost its point of view' it is really hard to get a clear image of what is happening in the eagles nest now. So disappointing. I guess the chicks neeed to grow and develope and then they will manouver around the nest more and come into view. We just can't control the weather at this point in time......

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