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Thread subject: DPOF Camera
Name Date Message
DaveS 03/12/05 12:24 pm Hello All! As you know, the camera was hit by lightning last season and is in need of repair. We were not able to fix it in time for this season so we purchased a new one (expensive), which was delivered on last Tuesday. We hope to have the camera operational by tomorrow afternoon (March 13), but it depends on the weather and if we find any more trouble from last year’s storm. So, I apologize for the suspense, we just don’t know for sure and I didn’t want to raise too many hopes. Stay tuned, we will keep you updated.
Marie 03/12/05 12:32 pm may nothing GO WRONG........and may the camera be attached so that we can watch our Ospreys return. Good Luck Dave.....
Pam 03/12/05 12:38 pm Thanks for that good news Dave.
karen 03/12/05 12:45 pm Thanks for the update Dave ... we all have our fingers and toes crossed for you tommorrow please keep us updated even if the news is exactly what we are hoping for .... is the funding ok for the new equipment?
Shelley 03/12/05 01:03 pm Sending positive vibes from up here in Canada, too!! Thank you for the update!

Now, let us all join hands together and form a protective circle around the cam site to keep out bad weather, howling winds and other interferences.

DaveS 03/12/05 01:32 pm Hello again. Yes, donations are always appreciated. We would like to get the old camera repaired so that we have a backup (just in case!). You can download a form from the DPOF sidebar (click on Make a Donation). Please remember to follow the instructions on the bottom of the form. Thank you!
karen 03/12/05 02:40 pm Dave thanks for info ... my contribution to the "camera fund" is in the mail .... and again good luck tommorrow ... Karen
Marie 03/12/05 05:32 pm Mine too will be on its way next week.......every little bit helps......
Lori 03/12/05 10:24 pm I can't believe how excited I am about this whole thing!! I feel like the kids are coming home for a visit! The snow was a mess this morning; but it sure did look real nice around the river @ Wertheim. I haven't seen any osprey in the neighborhood. I've been checking every morning on my way to work, but I could have missed them. Best of luck with the camera installation. :-)
Mickey 03/13/05 09:03 am today it starts.
Every morning you wake up and go directly to the pc and turn it on. Passing the bathroom and toothbrush. And if you have them you pass the kids and hubby ;)
Then you wait for it to bootup and go directly to the webcam. You dont even check email because this is whats done to get what we`ve missed for SIX MONTHS! Soon we will be on Osprey Time.
Let nature begin :)
Celeste 03/13/05 09:20 am You hit the nail on the head!
Grace 03/13/05 09:55 am FUnny, Mickey, and 100 % accurate.
cathy 03/13/05 10:28 am How true. Then there are the "wow look at this!!!" to the somewhat interested spouse or friend who makes the obligatory trip to the screen for the latest cute, interesting, odd, tragic, amazing event. Then to satisfy the need to share the moment with other equally enthusiasts, frantic entry into the observation or message board with gratifyingly appropriate responses.
Kathy 03/13/05 11:07 am Bravo Mickey!!
Marie 03/13/05 11:11 am It is early I know........but the screen on the video reads.......'SORRY NO LIVE VIDEO'... ;-((
We need a head shot of an osprey...not that soft toy that is displayed.......
Any chances of a new pic to look at when the camera is down...Dave or Tom...?
Grace 03/13/05 11:25 am Someone please remind me....when I click on "cam", I get info on local sunrise and sunset. How do I get to the live cam? I have real player already downloaded. Thanks.
Mickey 03/13/05 11:28 am Its not live yet .......breath deeeeeeeeeeeep :)

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