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Thread subject: Its working !!!!!!
Name Date Message
Pam 03/13/05 03:02 pm Yippeeeeeee !!!!! Thanks Dave !!!!! XXXXXXXX
Mickey 03/13/05 03:09 pm yea!......It looks alittle blurry.
DaveS 03/13/05 03:09 pm Yes, the camera is up and running as of this afternoon. Now we need the stars to return!
Mickey 03/13/05 03:12 pm oh man theres no place like home!

thank you DPOF
Pam 03/13/05 03:26 pm Those old familiar sounds - geese and aircraft !
Celeste 03/13/05 03:29 pm Thank you thank you DPOF.....I am smiling from ear to ear!!!! Yea!!!!!:)))))))
Pam 03/13/05 03:38 pm It is possible to watch both the DPOF cam and the live cams at :
at the same time (Greedy I know). The Kenmore great blue herons are nesting and in Cam 2 the female is sitting on three eggs. If you are even more greedy, like me and your computer will stand the strain, you can watch Race Rocks as well. I saw a news item this evening which reports that people are now paying to, with the aid of their computers, remotely shoot wildlife, for real. How sick can you get ????
Pam 03/13/05 03:51 pm Don't you just love that little Thomas Throwe ?
Kathy 03/13/05 04:00 pm I am so excited, thank you DPOF!!
Grace 03/13/05 04:22 pm Feels so good to be back live. I heard a bunch of geese flying overhead.
Marie 03/13/05 06:17 pm I am getting a very blurry image.......and I cleaned my glasses any one else seeing an unclear image.......//
Thanks so very much the DPOF boys.......Now to watch and wait, and see who comes close to the arrival date...... ;-))
Pam 03/13/05 06:32 pm Well - I'm out Marie, my prediction was for yesterday LOL
Mickey 03/13/05 06:47 pm yes its very blurry and the sound is lower.
Maybe its so blurry because we`re ALL watching? lol
Im just exstatic its operating!
Im sure things will be tweaked. This webcam beats all others!
Tim P 03/13/05 06:48 pm Arrived home today after dark and did'nt get a chance to see the nest during the daylight.
My question is "will there be a night mode again ?"
As I read the previous post's I see there is some concern about the picture quality,,, Is the quality good enough to view the birds ?Now I have to wait till morning.
cathy 03/13/05 08:28 pm Pam - I have tabs in my browser so I open 8 windows in tabs - all bird cams and check on them all several times a day. For DPOF- I have realplayer link on my desktop so I don't have to look at the little window in the middle of the page. Thanks - its truly a heroic effort and makes a huge difference in public awareness to be able to see and hear birds up close.
Lori 03/13/05 10:55 pm Hey all....... it's 10:59 at you know where your ospreys are??????? I am sooo happy to be sitting here looking at a dark empty nest. I think we are all happily nuts!!! :-))))
Cecilia 03/14/05 10:06 am Hi Everybody!

I've been missing in action but I've kept up with the news through Celeste so here I am to say a "Hi" and thank Dave, Tom and Rick for pulling it off! Excellent!

I have a clear picture but the sound does seem to be way low. I had to load a new version of RealOne Player because I got a message saying that I didn't have the right Plug-ins to support the video. It seemed wacky but it's working now so guess it doesn't matter.

I hope Betty and Dennis stay away for another's just too likely to snow one more time and after this winter I feel like we might get really hit
again :-(

But, oh how nice it is to hear the sounds of the wetlands through the cam again!!!

Cheers, Cec
Tim P 03/14/05 03:24 pm I was wondering where you have been Cecilia and was thinking of asking Celeste about your whereabouts.I agree with you about the snow,,,,happening again. Last year it snowed on the 16th, 2 days after the Birds arrived . Remember them sitting in the snow?
Cecilia 03/14/05 05:42 pm Hi Tim...good to see you're still around too!

I do remember that storm and the nest swaying in the wind and cold...Brrrrrr!!! I felt so sorry for them sitting up there so exposed. We haven't had a really nice spring in about 3 years...I'm hoping this year we (and they) get a break!

I'm listening to the blackbirds, the geese and the wind right now...wetland music!

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