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Thread subject: Web Cam Questions
Name Date Message
Mickey 03/14/05 09:19 am I know theres kinks to be worked out but I have a few questions.
The view seems much blurrier this year.
Can anything be done to correct this or should I blame it on me being another year older *wink*
The angle seems to be tilted slightly up, missing part of the bottom.
Can this be adjusted?
thanks for all the work!
Spring is indeed here :)
Marie 03/14/05 09:33 am Wonderful sounds of Nature this am....lots of Crows as I check in briefly before I head to work.....
Picture looks a bit clearer to me this am. Background seems to indicate a lot of wet, which is what you people have been experiencing of late.....hope things warm up soon and spring arrives quickly. We almost had summer this past W/E......shorts weather. ;-))
karen 03/14/05 10:24 am Hi now I am getting the shadow of the camera and it looks like an alien in the nest!
Tim P 03/14/05 10:30 am Hey Mickey, My thought is that this is the appropriate angle in order for the camera to adjust to the close up mode.It does seem blurry but I also think with some subject matter in the nest it might appear clearer. ???
Cecilia 03/14/05 12:28 pm Hi Mickey!
I'm getting a pretty clear picture but the sound is low. I have the sound bar at the bottom of the RealPlayer screen pushed all the way to the right and the sound control on my computer up as high as it will I can hear... but when any other sound comes into my computer (the mail sound for instance) it's shockingly loud. I'm hoping Dave et al can adjust this is some way?
Cecilia 03/14/05 05:45 pm I just checked the picture again and you're right is blurry. I thought this morning that it might just be condensation on the lens but this late in the day that would be gone. I hope Dave, Tom and Rick are still fine tuning....
Mickey 03/15/05 01:30 pm Hi Cec! Today Tuesday looks good.I think they tweaked something.
Cecilia 03/15/05 03:25 pm I just checked the screen and it does look better...sharper, with more contrast. Either "they've" been working on it or we are all recovering from expectations that were too high for the limitations of this system :-) It also seems like the sound is louder today or am I just hearing it better because the wind is so loud?

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