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Thread subject: OSPREY!!!!!!
Name Date Message
Lori 03/16/05 04:50 pm They may not be in the nest yet........ but they are in the neighborhood. I saw osprey flying over the Carmens river this morning on the way to work!!!
Tom I 03/16/05 05:00 pm I heard a report of one flying over the Carmens River on Sunday. There is also an immature bald eagle in the area near the osprey cam - at Wertheim Refuge.

No osprey in the other nests around Wertheim yet, should be any day now!!
Fred W! 03/16/05 05:14 pm Hope Springs Eternal!
Tiger 03/16/05 05:26 pm I think that ospreys get back to the nest as soon as they arrive in the area.

Of the few adults that have been tracked the data seems to suggest that the spring migration is pretty direct. The thing which may hold them up is the weather. So perhaps we should be looking at the weather maps to see any storms along the route.

karen 03/16/05 05:43 pm Tiger good thought there are southern storms and also the wind has been very strong from the north which would make flying north into very hard!
cathy 03/16/05 05:52 pm I wonder if it is CZ?
Tiger 03/16/05 06:04 pm Are you suggesting that poor old Cz never made it to South America?

That bird must have a complex with all the comments it gets!

Tiger 03/16/05 06:14 pm Yes Karen I have just had a look at the weather over souther USA. Any osprey coming up from Cuba is going to have a hard time.

cathy 03/16/05 07:36 pm I think CZ is in a hurry to return to keep ahead of the competition.
Cecilia 03/16/05 08:16 pm I saw 2 ospreys soaring over Hempstead Harbor today (our local pair I hope) so it won't be long !
Lori 03/16/05 11:28 pm @ the LIbirding site there is a picture of "Sampson" the resident osprey returning to his nest in Jamesport. We can't be far behind! :-)
Celeste 03/17/05 04:44 am I would love to have seen those of you who actually saw osprey in your neighborhoods!!!! I know I would be "yelping" and my husband would just "roll his eyes"!!!
Melanie 03/17/05 09:34 am Yesterday afternoon I was sure I heard Osprey in the distance - I yelled out "There they are!" and the gals who work around my just kind of looked at me very strangely. I almost posted it, but after a few minutes, the calls went away. I keep earplugs on so I can listen to whatever I want without disturbing anyone, so they had no idea what I was talking about.

But I was compensated yesterday with a flight of Tundra Swans yesterday morning that was so big the V had branches and was more lime a drunken MM. There were at least 5 point birds. There must have been at least 300 swans in that flight.

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