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Thread subject: East Islip Osprey
Name Date Message
Barbara Mc 03/17/05 06:07 pm Checked out the nest on Montauk Highway today in East Islip and no osprey. Checked out his/her favorite tree and there he/she sat, straight and tall! The osprey has been sitting in the same tree year after year. I really find it interesting that they would even nest in such a busy area. This is the nest by the Waldbaums store.
This is my first time posting. Last year I read all your posts, but was never "brave" enough to post anything of my own.
Mickey 03/17/05 06:09 pm Hi Barbs wtg on your 1st post !
Mickey 03/17/05 06:14 pm so maybe 1 Adult perches nearby and waits for its mates return and then the fun begins?
Tim P 03/17/05 06:18 pm Thanx for the info Barbara. Do You have a more specific location so I can do a drive by during my commute?
Barbara Mc 03/17/05 06:40 pm Tim- From Sunrise Highway take Connetquot Ave. south. Make a right on Montauk Highway. In the area of the parkway entrance is the nest. On the left hand side. The favorite tree is in the woods on the right hand side between Union Ave. and Montack Highway.
Tiger 03/17/05 06:48 pm Welcome Barbara. It is always nice when lurkers come out of the woodwork! :)

Marie 03/17/05 06:50 pm Nice to have a new opinion and perspective on things. Welcome Barbara
Rich_H 03/17/05 08:13 pm Don't Forget the Sunrise Hwy Ospreys! There is a nest on the South Side of the road at the LI Tech Center (Old Grumman facility) and another on the South side of the HWY where the service road splits and goes into Oakdale.

There is a Nest is Heckscher Park on the South East end of the loop. My favorite is the one at my old High School in Islip on Union Blvd. on the light platform at the football field.

I did a little bird watching Sunday. I was on my way back from Hershey. I stopped at Brooklyn Col. on the football field there are nests of Quaker Parakeets. I have some as pets, so it is fun to watch them in the wild, flying around. I have some pictures if people are interested I can post them to my web page. Let me know.
Tim P 03/17/05 09:09 pm I've been keeping an eye on the Sunrise Hgwy.nest's,both still empty.
With your information and with what Barbara reports, I'm realizing that the area were speaking of is getting pretty populated with Osprey.
I've been told about the Parrots you've mentioned.
They are Parrots not Parakeets aren't they?
Anyhow a Pet store owner told me about them and his information is that this population has been established from accidental escapes.
Nancy L 03/17/05 09:13 pm Thanks, Rich, for those sites I can check out.

Welcome Barbara - about the favorite tree: do you see it better from Montauk or Connetquot roads?
Rich_H 03/17/05 10:47 pm The dead tree on the North East corner of the parkway and main street is best visible from the clover leaf . I fly model planes in the park, I see them on the way in, and sometimes see them fishing.

The Quakers are parakeets not parrots, they are Bluejay sized. Parakeets are the same as parrots, but they have a pointed tail. Mine say about 30 words and phrases. They actually use some of them appropiately.
Celeste 03/17/05 10:57 pm Barbara so glad you are posting this year....Welcome!
Tim P 03/18/05 06:59 am Thanx for the location Barbara.
Welcome .

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