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Thread subject: While You Are All Waiting
Name Date Message
Tiger 03/17/05 06:55 pm While you are all waiting for the return of Betty and Dennis perhaps you might like to consider what would happen if things did not turn out as we expect.

If say both birds were delayed might another pair move in to squat??

If Dennis was delayed might Betty seek a new partner. Or vice versa.

I know that you will all be horrified at the thought but these things have been known to happen!

Marie 03/17/05 07:32 pm LOL.........Tiger. What a great ability you have to make us all THINK.
I could surely imagine the lamenting that could be heard across this nation should any of your senarios take place. Last year when I observed one of the osprey nests here that eventually was predated, the male osprey arrived with blood all over the wing and down his chest one day. He was carrying home a fish for his love -in-the-nest. Who got to him I will never know. Perhaps an eagle decided to take his catch. I didn't see the ultracation but FIGHTS do occur and ospreys die. I would say Betty or Dennis would soon seek a new mate if they lost theirs should one be around because the breeding season for these birds is so long/short which ever way you want to look at it. They have to get down to the business of producing the next generation and it has to be done fairly quickly upon arrival back at the nesting grounds, so YES I think a new mate would be searched for in haste. I also think that another pair might take over the nest if Betty and Dennis don't show.
Cecilia 03/17/05 07:48 pm Yes...but...the real question is...

Would we recognize that they aren't Betty and Dennis?
Tiger 03/17/05 07:53 pm Oh yes Marie fights do occur. Quite often too. One of the reasons why they are translocating some Scottish ospreys to Spain is that there is too much competition for nesting space in some places.

Cecila I guess that is some new osprey turned up wearing a band we might recognise it as a different osprey.

Testing out this editing facility for the first time.
Celeste 03/17/05 10:59 pm I have "thought" what you presented Tiger because I have a tendency to be a "what if" person. As Marie has stated, if this scenario did present itself hopefully the nest would be used by either a new couple and/or the remaining osprey would find a new mate in a very timely manner.

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