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Thread subject: "The Osprey has landed"
Name Date Message
Tim P 03/18/05 07:46 am Not to minimize man landing on the Moon but I got so excited I forgot to add my name to the post.
This bird landed looked around for mere seconds and flew off. Stay Tuned kids.
Tiger 03/18/05 08:26 am Any idea of which bird it was? For some reason I thought it was Betty although with such a quick sighting it is hard to be sure.

Tim P 03/18/05 08:29 am No way to tell with such a brief visit.
Maybe it was a rogue bird on his way to else where, but Im totally sure it was an Osprey .
Dave can confirm the visit for us by reviewing the archive.Glad you were there Tiger.
Tiger 03/18/05 08:35 am Well I am sure it was an osprey too. But was it male or female?

I thought (or imagined) I saw a necklace and that is why I think it might have been Betty. In any case it looked fighting fit.

Tim P 03/18/05 08:40 am Yes it did look good, Any Osprey at this point looks good to me. This wait is almost as bad as when I waited for the stork to come 18 yrs ago.
He was late too.
DaveS 03/18/05 08:43 am Tiger has a good eye. I compared the pattern on the top of the osprey's head with stills from last year - the female has returned!
Tiger 03/18/05 09:06 am Awww how thrilling. It was only in retrospect that I could see the necklace.

Thanks ever so much for that Dave.

Now the fascination is whether Betty will be faithful and wait for Dennis or will she have a fling with any male osprey that turns up!
Celeste 03/18/05 09:12 am Congratulations to the T's!!!! I am wondering when I heard that heavy thud on the cam about 6:50am if that was Betty landing? I watched for as long as I could.....but you guys tuned in at the right time! I guess we will not see that Red-Tail near the nest once Betty and Dennis secure their home!
Marie 03/18/05 09:22 am Congrats the T's......
Cecilia 03/18/05 09:44 am I forgot about how distinct the white patches on the top of their heads of course we would be able to identify them from above! How exciting! I hope Dennis is on his way !
karen 03/18/05 09:52 am Lucky guys! Maybe Betty is already out cruising for SMO's ( single male osprey )
MarciS 03/18/05 11:29 am I heard the heavy thud too, right before 7 AM. I had to log off right after so I didn't get to see her at the nest. This is great!
Tiger 03/18/05 11:40 am

Ah love it Karen. Not as fanciful as it might seem. We had an amazing situation like that last year at Loch Garten. After two years of mayhem it was felt that at last there was a settled couple in Henry in White EJ. White EJ turned up at about March 26 and soon paired up with an osprey that was certainly not Henry. Amazingly it turned out to be the ex-husband.

On April 4 Henry turned up and sent the imposter packing. However that was not the end of it as another female kept trying to intervene. There was even a suggestion that it laid an egg in the nest!

Shelley 03/18/05 11:56 am What a soap opera!! Hehe! ;-)
karen 03/18/05 12:04 pm So maybe we will have some drama here in Brookhaven!

Meanwhile where is that osprey!!!

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