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Thread subject: The Waiting is Over
Name Date Message
Tiger 03/18/05 07:46 am Well the long wait is over. It looks like we have had our first osprey visit!

Congratulations Melanie for getting the day right.

Tim P 03/18/05 07:48 am Tiger,,how cool was that ? I'm glad you were here with me to witttness. I'm so psyched.
Pam 03/18/05 07:55 am I had just left the screen for five minutes to carry on cleaning in another room - and I missed it!!! Lucky T's !!!
Tiger 03/18/05 07:57 am I was talking on the telephone when I saw the big black bird land. I had to tell the person on the telephone that I would ring them back.

Yes Tim it is just as well there were two of us. Otherwise we would be accused of being on the funny stuff!
Pam 03/18/05 08:02 am Another really good wildlife cam in a German forest at This is excellent streaming video (remote controlled by someone) with sound. You can watch it with DPOF cam floating ... there is a herd of wild boar there and one of the sows has just given birth to two of the cutest little babies.
Pam 03/18/05 08:07 am Are you still watching T's. I think that was a red-tailed hawk - took a couple of captures. Now it has landed on the mic again .... are you certain it was an osprey before ?
Tim P 03/18/05 08:11 am Yes Im TOTALLY sure it was an Oprey.
I saw the Hawk he didn't stay long. When he landed I thought he was killing a bird . I heard some strange crying.
Tiger 03/18/05 08:12 am Yes I am sure it was an osprey before. I did see the red-tailed hawk and was wondering why it looked so different.

The "osprey" was a big black bird.

Pam 03/18/05 08:26 am Well you two T's are the experts :-)
On checking my pics I now find that all I got was a black screen instead of that lovely red-tail so had to reset my Realplayer performance tab - not my day today - keep watching - going to get my overdue lunch !!
Tim P 03/18/05 08:35 am Not an expert Pam. Raptors are my Favs. I see so many Red Tails each day they are very abundent around here.Whats for lunch?
karen 03/18/05 08:44 am I missed this morning sighting ( in the car ) but will hope for another. The question is was it one of "ours" or another taking a rest stop?

I eamiled the UNC?woods Hole osprey about the migration here is copy of email:


When the birds return north do they also fly nonstop as in the southern migrations?

They come home in more of a hurry. Usually about 4 weeks heading south, 3 weeks coming home.

When they return do they go straight to their nest site from prior years?


We at the Long Island Dennis Puleston Osprey site are all watching our cam and waiting for "our" pair to return!

And I'm waiting for "Bluebeard" to leave Colombia and start for home. I think the Ospreys got on the internet and checked out the weather and found out how nasty this spring has been and are waiting for the weather to break ;-)

Thanks for any insight

Karen Miller

You're welcome,



Rob Bierregaard
Biology Dept.
9201 University City Blvd.
Charlotte NC 28223

704 333 2405
Marie 03/18/05 09:20 am Great.......lucky guys! I was asleep I guess......
Now I have to go to work so don't have much chance this am to watch for any visits from our Ospreys. ;-((
Melanie 03/18/05 09:34 am Ok - since I picked the right day, what do I win? ;-)
I would be very happy if my Back Creek Ospreys showed up - they missed the green beer races yesterday for the first time in 5 years. ;-(
Cecilia 03/18/05 09:57 am You win our undying admiration! :-)
RonS 03/18/05 10:20 am ..and, of course, bragging rights until next year!!! :-))
Melanie 03/18/05 10:32 am My sister suggested a rocket!
Kathy 03/18/05 10:33 am A group hug!
Shelley 03/18/05 10:39 am Waaa, I missed it! I am leaving in a few hours for 4 days away but I'm hoping that by the time I get back on Monday, both Betty and Dennis will be back full-time! Happily, I am now on spring break and will be able to indulge all of next week!!

Oh, how I have missed this!!!! :-)
Pam 03/18/05 12:00 pm Lunch was my usual Tim - cheese and Marmite sarnies with an apple and grapes and a nice pot of tea - taken in the garden in the warm spring sunshine today - luverly ! No more sightings?
Pam 03/18/05 12:01 pm Have been trying to post the last message for about 15 minutes.

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