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Thread subject: Wertheim
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Matt 03/19/05 02:38 pm Took advantage of the warm weather today and headed over to Wertheim. The loop trail is in good condition, and there were a few patches of snow on it still, though it wasn't more than 1 or 2 inches high and even then most of the patches didn't cross the entire trail. So getting through there is pretty good.

Both Osprey nests are still up there, although I didn't see any activity. Either they haven't returned yet, or they have but were probably resting in the trees. If they were, I didn't hear them.

It was very quiet there today when I was there. Not much wildlife was around. But it was packed with a lot of people.
Tim P 03/19/05 04:13 pm Packed? That̢۪s why I like to go during the week.
I saw one Osprey there yesterday, just as I began my walk.
Today I went to Calverton (Grumman). There have been a lot of Hawk sightings.
I spotted some RTH̢۪s and a Harrier.
Nancy L 03/19/05 04:15 pm Matt - Where is the 2nd nest? I only know the one right off the main path, 3/4 way down.
Matt 03/19/05 04:40 pm Take the main trail to the huge sign that says wheelchair access ends. Actually that sign is a bit unrealistic because the rest of the loop is so packed down, that any wheelchair could get through. There are some soft spots here and there but nothing that would get them stuck.

Anyway at that sign, to the left is a new viewing platform. (about a year and a half old). Its a circular one that looks south. Looking down the river, a bit to your left and very close is a dead tree. A bit to the right of that and very close to the platform is a live tree. Just a bit right to that, look beyond it to where the shoreline is. The nest is in there. It is smaller than the pines around it, so you will need to carefully search for it. You can see it with the naked eye though, but a pair of binoculars is even better. Keep scanning that area until you see it.

Be patient, even I had trouble picking it up again this year.
Matt 03/19/05 04:41 pm Tim, where in Calverton did you go?
Tim P 03/19/05 04:52 pm The North side of the old Grumman/Calverton airfield. I was hoping to see a Turkey Vulture but didn't.
Nancy L 03/19/05 05:56 pm Matt - I'll let you know next week if I spot that nest.

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