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Thread subject: Where is Betty?
Name Date Message
Celeste 03/20/05 06:09 am It disturbs me that Betty is not present for us to see again...I don't even hear her in the distance..this is so different from the last two years......particularly last year we saw them in the nest together immediately.....also.....though they are only back a couple of what point will Dennis make his aerial display for Betty and "get things going"? If I recall we witnessed more activity almost immediately upon their return last year.....
Tiger 03/20/05 07:20 am I have been thinking exactly the same. It does seem very odd that the behaviour seems so different this year.

Dennis seems to be continually around as if he expects Betty to appear.

I have had a look at the first osprey that turned up and it was definitely not Dennis.

karen 03/20/05 08:47 am I too am concerned ... I also went back to review the first sighting ... it does seem odd that she would arrive and stay for such a short time and leave for good ...
Tiger 03/20/05 09:05 am In fact I am beginning to believe that the first osprey may not have been Betty. It may just have been another osprey.

There was a rogue osprey last year that looked a lot like Betty.

karen 03/20/05 09:06 am that would make more sense Tiger ...
Celeste 03/20/05 09:10 am I looked over observations last year....both birds arrived March 15th......obs showed one bird at a nest, but there were also times during the day that both were together preening, fact one day a fish was brought by the male. Three days after arrival it was observed that the two were "together".
Also in the morning hours, Betty would be chirping away.....hmmmm......
Tiger 03/20/05 09:14 am Something fishy going on!! :)

Yes it is the male ospreys that are they loyal ones. They stick to their birth place etc. while females roam far and wide.
Matt 03/20/05 09:20 am Could Betty have divorced Dennis? Or could her behavior have changed in some way? I don't recall the owl there last year, perhaps the owl is playing a role in this?
Tiger 03/20/05 09:30 am Yes Betty could have divorced Dennis (a bit unlikely though). I think that female ospreys only divorce if they are unhappy with the supply of fish or something! No surprise there.

Celeste 03/20/05 09:59 am I am wondering if the female that arrived at the nest was indeed our female.....I agree with Tiger that it is unlikely that Betty divorced Dennis as he showed last year, he was a good provider. Perhaps the return trip with the bad weather and all is the reason.
cathy 03/20/05 01:17 pm DaveS noted the pattern of dots on her head and concluded it was Betty. This might be an interesting year if there is a change in ospreys.
Tiger 03/20/05 01:25 pm Why not study the video and see if you can spot anything?

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