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Thread subject: Sunrise Hgwy.
Name Date Message
Tim P 03/20/05 08:32 am As I came to work today I observed an Osprey in the vacinity of The former Grummann site nest.
I'm not sure if this is a past resident of the nest yet.
Barbara Mc 03/20/05 11:39 am Tim - I check this nest alot. I still have not seen any osprey. I'll keep my eyes open.
Tim P 03/20/05 06:08 pm Do you also look at the Oakdale merge nest Barb?
Keep me posted of any action. I like to stop and observe them on my way to and from work.
Barbara Mc 03/21/05 06:08 pm I pass both nests going and coming home from work Tim. I live in the area so I check them out often. Haven't seen an osprey at either nest yet.
Tim P 03/21/05 07:53 pm I parked for 30 minutes on the service rd. in that area today. I still am waiting.
Barbara Mc 03/22/05 06:48 pm Tim - One osprey on the electric pole next to the nest this morning at 6:00 by "Grummanns". At 3:15 it was on the nest. Nothing yet at the Oakdale merge.
Tim P 03/23/05 12:01 am Thanx Barbara, I dont get out of work till 8pm on and thur.its dark when I drive past, hope to catch a glimpse in the am.
Friday I will take a ride over and spend some time.

I think some of the Osprey had a bad trip south last fall and thats why all the nests are still empty.

Im glad u came back and found this thread. ;)
Barbara Mc 03/23/05 06:31 pm Tim - I'm new at this posting messages stuff. Glad I could tell you about the Sunrise Highway nest.
Tim P 03/23/05 10:08 pm
OK Barb. You can meet me at this thread (topic) anytime.

It’s going to get pushed backwards but by selecting a page you can find it. If you want to share anything with me post it here. On most message boards when someone responds to a topic it gets carried back to the front page. This board just keeps building and threads or topics get pushed back (lost). I would prefer that a topic can continue by having it forwarded to the 1st page. As you can see by scrolling back the pages, people rarely revisit an old topic, it’s a shame because some are worth continuing. You can also see that it gets a little sloppy with the same topic repeating as a New Message rather the continuing under the original ... Some times people don't read the postings before creating a New Message.

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