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Thread subject: First day of SPRING.
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Marie 03/20/05 04:00 pm Amongst my library of bird books etc I found a CD of Eastern Bird sounds this afternoon. I have sat here listening to many......I am at 37 different calls, many of which we have in the West so it isn't too difficult. Still, not a good idea generally as one song begins to sound like another after a while. The idea is to learn by heart 6-8 songs at a time. That is what I suggest to beginner birders. Guess I should do the same. Ha Ha, since I am trying to learn new sounds. I still haven't found that song I heard on the nest cam this afternoon but I do believe I heard an Eastern Towhee sometime today..This is going to take a while ......
karen 03/20/05 04:22 pm I have been trying to learn the songs and calls for the past year and it is soo hard ... I hear the song on the CD and think of course I know that and then in the backyard I am not sure ... I am doing what you suggested which is to focus on about 6 regular residents ... about 4 of whicj I am now getting more certain ( and yes I count the mourning dove). Does not look feel or smell at all like the first day of spring here in ny it is dreary damp and cold!
Marie 03/20/05 05:45 pm Karen, what happens is that many birds have several songs and call notes depending on season and what is going on at that time you hear it. Alarm calls are different from territorial songs. After the breeding season many birds generally dont sing. Those territorial and 'look-at-me' impressive type songs are no longer needed. They have call notes through out the rest of the season. Also having listened to the Great-horned owl hoots this afternoon on my CD you would be surprised and the grunts, whistles, shreaks, ALMOST LAUGHTER these owls make. Any noise that goes bump in the night could be attributed to a GHO....... ;-)
Marie 03/20/05 07:03 pm When I typed in Bird SYRINX into Google search a nice bird site came up called
There is much information about birds if you need more Karen.....especially about bird calls and songs.
karen 03/21/05 09:30 am Thanks for info ... will google it as soon as work is done!
Melanie 03/21/05 10:49 am My mother gave me a three CD set of bird calls. She got tired of me calling and saying "Hey Mom, what bird does this...? Well, she didn't *really* get tired of hearing me call, but her idea of how to describe a bird call and my version often vary.

I try to work on a single group at a time - sparrows, wrens, etc...

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