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Thread subject: Adult Scenarios ?
Name Date Message
Mickey 03/21/05 04:36 pm I know its not time to panic.But I am concerned. So I have thought of many things as a idle mind does. Can you add any other ideas?
1...The present male isint Dennis.
2...The present male is Dennis.
3...Betty has perished.
4...Betty is late.
5...Betty is shopping as wimmen are prone to do.
6...Betty is waiting for the blood test to return before giving Dennis a Osprey tickle pickle.(He has been away for 6 months and a girls gotta be careful.)

Presently I`m worried but not concerned. Viewing other nest shows us that nothing is really active up here yet.
karen 03/21/05 04:52 pm not sure but I do hope that we get a mated pair ... the email back from Rob at UNC gave me some hope ... sure is hard watching him watch the skies
Tiger 03/21/05 05:09 pm I do not think that there is any need to panic just yet!

The thing I am wondering is whether the osprey we see is the same one all the time.

About five hours ago the bird that was present had a very white head and a very white breast.
DaveS 03/21/05 05:56 pm Tiger, I have been checking frequently and I am quite sure the bird is the same one. It almost seems that it has a lot of juvenile feathers, perhaps it is not a very mature adult (second or third year?). It does seem to have the nest thing down, so maybe he just needs to prove he can fish as well. I wish I was closer to the nest and could see if he is flirting with another bird.
Cecilia 03/21/05 06:14 pm We were out east this weekend and we drove to every osprey nest that we have been watching over the last 10 years or so (9). We did not see one the air or on any of the nests. I did see a pair circling over Hempstead Harbor last week but they may have just been passing through. So I'm thinking that the cold winter and continued nasty weather has waylayed many of the birds that are heading north. Either they started later because it wasn't warm down south either or they spent longer eating and resting along the way. Anyway, I think we have just been spoiled by the early arrivals the last two years. They may not show up for another week and we shouldn't panic :-) Things may get very interesting if Dennis arrives and finds this youngster making himself at home :-)
Tim P 03/21/05 06:28 pm Checked (5) Osprey nest today. No Osprey at any.
That's 10 birds.
Maybe last years DPOF pair hasn̢۪t gotten this far north yet.
If that is the case, will there be a dispute over the nest and who will prevail?
Tiger 03/21/05 06:38 pm More to the point. Assuming Betty turns up will she accept this bird as her new mate?

Then what will happen if Dennis turns up?

Something like this did happen in Scotland in 2001 when the male bird was delayed by high winds. When he did arrive he found that the wife was sitting on eggs fathered by a young upstart. The young pretender was dispatched and after forgiving the wife the male accepted the eggs as his own.

The young male osprey was never seen again though!

Celeste 03/21/05 06:52 pm I must say Tiger you certainly have many interesting osprey stories!
Tiger 03/21/05 07:13 pm Thank you Celeste.

The interesting thing was that the young male was a Norwegian osprey and I was interested as to whether he would go back to Norway or stop in Scotland. He attempted to do the latter.

The other remarkable thing is that all three birds were satellite tracked at various times.

Anyway you can read more about it at:
Marie 03/21/05 09:58 pm I have been looking back at 2003 video of the two young ospreys attempting to fledge. It looks to me taht one was a male and one a female. Was Liberty the female name and freedom the male? Anyway I was wondering if the ???young MALE in the nest at present could be Freedom? I do believe they like to make nests at two even if they aren't really ready for breeding till they are three. Mickey, this could be your buddy from the south that telephoned occasionally... ;-) just a thought.
If it is him then he is just keeping the dust down till Dad arrives.
karen 03/22/05 08:16 am Interesting email from the UNC Osprey people the only tagged adult just started north on St pats day and is still in South America ... very late based on history so this supports what Cecelia has seen so far also ... certainly is making for an interesting and very educational start to our osprey summer of 05 here is liink to fillow bluebeard norht for anyone interested:
At long last, Bluebeard, our one tagged adult is heading north. He
crossed the equator on the 18th or so. New maps at the usual place: - Follow the link to Osprey
Maps and then 2005 Migration.

Rob Bierregaard
Biology Dept.
9201 University City Blvd.
Charlotte NC 28223

704 333 2405
Celeste 03/22/05 09:07 am That is extremely interesting Karen...we learn something every day....I am wondering if the barometric pressure has anything to do with turning on the "migration" .....perhaps some of the more experienced osprey have an extra sense when the weather is better? Wouldn't it be wonderful to be pleasantly surprised.....
karen 03/22/05 09:25 am hope so! meanwhile the crow and osprey match this AM was very interesting ...

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