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Thread subject: Are they Betty and Dennis??
Name Date Message
Tiger 03/23/05 07:04 am So we now have two birds back. The question is....are they the same birds from last year.

I must admit I do not know!

DaveS 03/23/05 07:05 am No, definitely not. They are more than welcome though!
Tiger 03/23/05 07:08 am Would you like to cite the evidence for them being different.

Also are they even last week's pair?

Pam 03/23/05 07:15 am Just so wonderful to see a pair here - I am continuing to call them Betty and Dennis for convenience.
Celeste 03/23/05 07:58 am Yes I would love to know what happened in the "background"....the differences which say they are not last years pair. Very early this morning I heard the soft calling of an osprey, the nest was empty and I went about my "chores"....What a wonderful surprise to discover all that went

karen 03/23/05 08:22 am On indicator will be if there is a pair but no eggs than it most likely would be a 2 year pair. Does anyone know if a brother and sister would mate? IE could this be Freedom and Liberty? The 2nd year birds do return to their birth area especially the males. Also I have read that the 2nd years are not such good nest builders which would suggest that this male is an older bird because the nest buidling appears excellent! just some things to think about andd like Pam and Celest I am happy to have them whoever they are!
Tiger 03/23/05 08:28 am Two years ago at Rutland Water there was a two year old female that broke all the osprey rules including the one about 2 year olds not breeding. She paired off with an older male and successfully raised two healthy chicks. Unfortunately she did not reappear last year.

As for incest. I think that incest is quite common in birds.

Cecilia 03/23/05 08:53 am I've only seen the female in archived shots but she definately looks different to me...(her head markings are much smaller and crisper looking than B1). But are we sure that the male isn't Dennis? I took a few "grab" shots of the back of his head last year and it shares a trait with this male...the black blotch runs into the black feathers on the right side of his head. Do any of you see other distinctive markings that make you think this isn't Dennis? I know his nesting habits seem slightly more pronounced but that may have been caused by the fact that he was fidgeting because he din't have a mate. His feathers also look browner/splochier but that might just be an anomaly caused by his last molt?
Tim P 03/23/05 09:00 am It seems to be that the male's shoulders are much whiter then in the past.
Cecilia 03/23/05 10:10 am I've noticed that the amount of wing bars showing often times depends on how they fold their wings after they it varies. If you look at last year's videos it seems like Dennis had quite a bit of white showing early in the season.

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