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Thread subject: I Wonderrrrrr
Name Date Message
Mickey 03/23/05 03:51 pm I wonder what will happen when Dennis+Betty return and find these 2 squatters in THEIR summer condo in the sky?
Melanie 03/23/05 04:03 pm I'm wondering if it's the chicks from 2 years ago and if so, would there be any recognition?
karen 03/23/05 04:16 pm That is why I asked earlier if incest is common in birds and Tiger said he thought it was ... I was wondering if this could be Freedom and Liberty.
Celeste 03/23/05 04:31 pm I have been wondering too if at least one of the osprey is a juvenile from a previous year, as there is still some question whether or not the male is indeed Dennis. Then of course I am wondering if we will ever know!---I am just thrilled that we are not seeing that lonely osprey prepping the nest waiting for his lady love as we have the last few days. Just wish this weather would stop being so horrid.....ah Spring in New York!
Marie 03/23/05 04:43 pm You poor souls down East. That is ghastly don't deserve it. Those ospreys must wonder what is happening. The two at Blackwater are in their nest box staring out across the reserve. What a home coming......
Mickey 03/23/05 04:48 pm thats a empty box at Blackwater.Those poor birds.....But each day finds more sticks in it.
Im with those who say whatever 2 birds do wind up breeding on the cam nest will always be Betty+Dennis. When we named the adults last year it was to recognize the people and their works and efforts :) Its the least we can do to carry on their names here.
Marie 03/23/05 05:16 pm You're right Mickey....that is an almost empty nest box if you are referring to the few stcks scattered around in it, but the two ospreys are still standing there. They have changed positions now. Yes I would agree Betty and Dennis are good names for any of the ospreys that win the right to breed at Brookhaven's DPOF nest.
Tiger 03/23/05 07:30 pm Karen I do not think these two birds are Freedom and Liberty. Young ospreys are terribly vulnerable in their first few years and only about 20% survive their first migration.

So the odds would be 25/1 at least.

karen 03/24/05 08:10 am You are most likely correct I had forgetten to factor in that that stat! Someone on the message board refered to the bird as Betty2 which I thought might be a good idea to use the names Betty and Dennis still but add the 2 so that we know which year and that we also are not sure they are the original birds ... any ideas?
Tiger 03/24/05 08:16 am How about Den and Bets??

Celeste 03/24/05 09:15 am I think it could get confusing if things change again next year....especially when new observers join in....I still think we should continue using the names Dennis & Betty as symbolic gestures as Mickey, and others suggested.
Kathy 03/24/05 09:31 am I agree Dennis and Betty should be used each year as a tribute to them.
Cecilia 03/24/05 01:04 pm I think I called this years female B2 in one post where I was talking about head patch differences and I felt the need to identify who was who...but in general I think it will be much less confusing if we just call what ever pair is on the nest Betty and Dennis. I'm sure Dave, Tom and Ron are probably keeping a real log about the birds that will record that they don't appear to be last years pair (although I still feel that this years male might be Dennis).

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