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Thread subject: Since it is SPRING
Name Date Message
Marie 03/24/05 09:36 am I thought I would give you another 'GEM' of info........
Since it is Spring and the breeding season for birds this info seems appropriate.........
During much of the year the Testes may be difficult or impossible to find in male birds because of their small size. However in the breeding season the testes may grow several hundred times their non-breeding size, resembling two bean-shaped organs lying next to the kidneys on the dorsal abdominal wall. Imagine that! WOW, no wonder the males have only one thing on their minds. It is a wonder too that they can even get off the ground when carrying all that extra baggage......
karen 03/24/05 09:44 am Thanks for the chuckle of the day! That image will keep me smiling ...
Celeste 03/24/05 11:09 am My husband wants to know why I am "laughing with no one in the room with me".......
Melanie 03/24/05 11:28 am As long as you don't point while you're laughing..........
RonS 03/24/05 01:00 pm Thanks, Melanie. Upon reading your comment each male will reflexively cross his legs!! LOL
Cecilia 03/24/05 01:05 pm Who says birding is boring :-) Thanks Marie...I can't wait to torture my Dennis with this tidbit of osprey physiology!
Shelley 03/24/05 05:32 pm Oh, you girls are hilarious!! Naughty, but hilarious!!

Ok, guys, you can uncross your legs now! ;-) It's not like we were talking about castration, a topic that always made the guys I know wince!
Marie 03/24/05 09:21 pm So GLAD I gave everyone a good laugh this morning. I noticed how brave Ron was to add a comment...he was the only male......sensative subject I guess. Well done Ron... ;-))
Tiger how come I left YOU speechless? I thought you would make a comment at least based on were really into the courtship behaviours and this topic is 'Bang' on.....loved your comment of the male osprey kneeling and praying before he thought about and attempted to 'engage' with his love-in-the-nest. You provided Me with a good chuckle late this afternoon and I needed that after my day. Thank you.
Cecilia 03/25/05 09:05 am're going to love this :-) ...

Poole says that "when females arrive back at the breeding grounds each year their ovaries are only partially developed...and that they grow 5 to 15 times their initial weight before decending into the oviduct. The early copulations may have little to do with fertilizatrion...serving instead to test the MALES receptiveness (what about HER receptivness?) and to synchronize the development of the gonads".

So they've basically been getting the machinery tuned up this last week and should be getting down to serious "business" soon!
Shelley 03/25/05 09:10 am Cec! You crack me up. A spring tune-up!!! :-D
Tiger 03/25/05 10:23 am Oh Marie I just did not think of anything to say!!
Marie 03/25/05 10:23 am LOVE IT CECELIA...........great research on your part. I didn't know that! Thanks. Good to know that something is happening in the females body too.
Love your humour Shelley....good to have you posting more frequently.
Tiger 03/25/05 10:29 am BTW Marie I am starting posting at both my Delphi site and the birdforum again.
Marie 03/25/05 10:48 am Thanks Tiger..........see you there sometimes...

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