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Thread subject: Where do they sleep?
Name Date Message
Nancy R 03/24/05 08:14 pm I know most birds will sleep in trees when they aren't breeding but it still strikes me as odd that the ospreys aren't in their nest at night when I come to check on them. I know I'D choose to sleep in the nest if I were out there all night! LOL!

I love hearing that GHO!!

I'm new here...I hope this is not a stupid ques. :o)
~Nancy R
Shelley 03/24/05 08:52 pm Welcome, Nancy! You are going to love it here!

As for the answer to your question, I am not the expert here but I would venture a guess that if they are not in the nest, they are in a tree somewhere. Which is probably not a bad thing, especially when the weather is inclement. The trees offer shelter as well as protection from the elements. Once there are eggs, Betty (the female) will rarely leave the nest no matter how bad the rain or wind, poor thing! But these osprey are wonderful parents, both of them (at least, the 2 from last year were!)
Shelley 03/24/05 08:53 pm PS, no question is ever stupid! Trust me! I speak from experience, lol! We've got quite a smart and knowledgeable group here so someone is bound to find an answer to just about anything! Don't be shy
Tiger 03/24/05 08:58 pm Yes I agree with you Shelley that no question is ever stupid!

I do believe that they sleep on favourite perches.

However I saw this written about GHOs recently.

Ospreys hate Great-horned Owls, They're not alone in this, in fact the only birds that don't hate Great-horned Owls are other Great-horned Owls. Owls are most justifiably seen as a threat to the young in a bird's nest. The parents will dive at the owl in an attempt to drive it from the area.

Guess they will welcome your friendship Nancy
Tim P 03/24/05 08:59 pm Thanx Shelly, and I will just add that there are Conifers and Evergreens in the area to roost in.
Also that while the Female is brooding during the night past Males have spent the night on the camera perch. Welcome aboard Nancy R
Marie 03/24/05 09:39 pm Welcome Nancy will love the community/family here.......lots to see, hear, read and learn, and remember no question is dumb. That is how we all learn.
The question 'Were do they sleep' guess is that ospreys have a favorite roost and that is where they go. When the female is on eggs my guess is that the male is very close by to prove himself to his mate, for they are suppose to be mated for life. Maybe it is only for a season, if one or other dies. We somehow know that this isn't always the case. There seems to be ample evidence for promiscurity, or just plain HANKY-PANKY happening if either mate doesn't show up at much the same time as the other once migration NORTH is completed.
Cecilia 03/24/05 10:08 pm Hi Nancy and Welcome!!!

As Shelly said...on this site no question is stupid...we're all learning about Ospreys and every year we have to re-learn some of the things we've learned in previous years :-)

Out on eastern Long Island we've seen that Ospreys often have a favorite tree that they fly to after a successful catch and they proceed to eat their meal there. They may also overnight in that tree or in conifers nearby (more protection). In my experience these trees are usually fairly close to their nests. As Tim mentioned we all heard Dennis roosting on the cam perch many nights last year. This early in the season one of them often slept on the perch as well and tonight as I write this I can hear a bird fumbling (scratching?) on the perch. In fact I just now enlarged the video screen and I can see a wonderful black silouette of an osprey sitting on the perch. I took a screen shot of it and it shows the cam post, the perch, the mic and the bird...all in shadow. So cool!!!

DaveS 03/25/05 07:28 am There are several old dead trees on either side of the nest, only 50 feet or so away. I have seen the ospreys sitting in the old snags eating and preening. Once there are eggs and young the female will stay in the nest and the male will use either the camera perch or one of the dead trees. The preferred tree is just west of the nest.
Celeste 03/25/05 02:08 pm Welcome Nancy.....You will love everything about this site......and I echo all....there are no stupid questions!
Nancy R 04/15/05 11:55 am Thanks so much for the warm welcome! What a nice group! ~ sorry it took me so long to respond to this. :o)

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