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Thread subject: Shadow Show
Name Date Message
RonS 03/24/05 09:57 pm I just posted this obs:
The nearly full moon is giving a great shadow of the mic box and cam. Is that a bird's shadow on the cam perch?
I don't hear an owl, but the shadow sure does look like one and the noises certainly indicate that "someone" is up there.
DaveS, this would make an interesting archive.
Tim P 03/24/05 10:01 pm Did you notice that The motion of the shadow wasn't matching the sound Ron ?

Are there 2 Birds up there? Or is it sound delay?
Lori 03/24/05 10:19 pm is there room enough for 2? I can't get over how clesr the picture is!
RonS 03/24/05 10:21 pm Hi, Tim P
Yes, that caught my attention also. I think we are getting fooled by the clarity of the shadow and our minds are trying to see it as an actual picture of the bird. What I am supposing is happening is that the bird is moving is feet just a little but is creating and lot of noise. We just cannot see the movement. Also, I have the sound turned up quite a bit, so the volume is not proportional to the movement.
Marie 03/24/05 10:26 pm It is an excellent night for viewing the night life down at the marsh/reserve/wetland at DPOF. I guess the night isn't too cold after all for all the activity we are hearing beneath the light of the almost full moon
RonS 03/24/05 10:28 pm Marie,

re: Your OBS of the silvery moon.

Between the astounding discussion this afternoon on the changes in the male bird's anatamy, plus the romance of this early spring full moon, these love birds don't stand a chance, do they?:-))
Tim P 03/24/05 10:50 pm Great sights and sounds tonight.

Very Hitchcockian.
Marie 03/24/05 10:51 pm LOL.......;-))
Shelley 03/24/05 10:53 pm Ron, you crack me up!

I'm going to have a look now..... ;-)
Shelley 03/24/05 10:55 pm WOW! I don't usually check the cam at night but it almost looks like daylight tonight!! I don't hear any sounds, though
RonS 03/24/05 11:00 pm Shelly,

If you're using windows, go to your Control Panel, click on the Sounds icon and select no sounds. Then turn the volumn up and you will hear all the things we've been discussing. If you just turn up the volumn, when you get an email or somthing else happens that creates a soud, you will jump out of your skin!!!
Marie 03/24/05 11:02 pm Ron, you are sooooooo funny. It is your bed time........I get to stay up late and watch and listen to the 'love duets' for a few more hours.....LOL.
Poor lonely osprey on the cam perch. I don't know how he can sleep let alone perch safely with what is going on in his body right now...
Tim P 03/24/05 11:16 pm Splash. and a strange type of muffled shrill, Marie?
Marie 03/24/05 11:37 pm Sorry I missed that Tim I was on the phone.......
Tim P 03/25/05 01:45 pm After watching the shadow show last night I was surprised to see that an Osprey can be on the camera perch without making a sound, for a long time, making us think that nobody is at the nest.

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