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Thread subject: Head markings
Name Date Message
Nancy L 03/25/05 09:41 am I just feel sure that this is not Betty's markings from last year.
Cecilia 03/25/05 09:53 am Nancy...I totally agree. This Betty's black patch is distinctly much so that I don't think molting could account for it. And I'm now starting to think that this isn't the old Dennis either :-(
Mickey 03/25/05 10:05 am I agree with you both.
Marie 03/25/05 10:09 am Definitely not Betty. The calls have a totally different sound to this bird. I haven't heard ? Dennis call so have no idea of his sound this year. We probably have two different birds here just as most people observing have suggested.
Tiger 03/25/05 10:10 am I have been thinking that they were two different birds from the day they appeared.

Shelley 03/25/05 10:28 am Me too, because of the calls. This year's couple are not as loud or as confident-sounding, for lack of a better word. I am still not proficient enough with visual identification to be able to notice anything by sight alone. These 2 also look smaller to me but I'm not sure if that's just my imagination or not.
Marie 03/25/05 10:28 am Ah are part Osprey. You would know that for sure.... ;-)
Celeste 03/25/05 11:39 am The calls are definitely different this year, particularly with the female.....and yes I also feel strongly that this is not Dennis.....too many different behaviors....Perhaps they are juveniles from previous years and this is their first attempt.....we will never now what happened to last years couple.....however, if it was their last they did a magnificent job ---3 chicks, abundant fish....they worked so well together in all aspects of raising those just emphasizes that we can never take anything for granted...every nest, every osprey is so much to learn..........
Marie 03/25/05 12:44 pm As sad as it may seem to lose the ospreys from last year this new season is full of promise. It has created much dialogue, much speculation, much intrigue and a whole new learning experience for us all. This way we can never get bored. It seems that in the bird world nothing is TOTALLY predictable......except that this morning the 25th my Violet -green Swallows returned from their wintering grounds. That is predictable......almost to the hour. I have seen them arrive just like the Rufous Hummingbirds that are now flooding into town almost to the same day they arrived last year. Am I excited........mmm mmm
Tim P 03/25/05 02:14 pm I wanna hang out with you Marie.
Shelley 03/25/05 03:41 pm ME TOO!!!!
Marie 03/26/05 01:29 am Sending you all warm sunny days, calm winds, sweet scented pink and white blossoms, a host of golden daffodils, a riot of fuschia coloured Magnolias and tonnes of Nature your way......ENJOY

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