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Thread subject: Attn Webmaster
Name Date Message
Mickey 03/25/05 10:03 am whosever in charge of the website,I thing its Rick, when I go to the observation page there are 2 buttons.......
search the observations
back to selections

the problem is when you click either one,it sends you to the 2003 web page archives :)
Tiger 03/25/05 10:09 am Yes Mickey this point is long overdue. The links on this site are really confusing. When I access this site from a cyber cafe I usually end up in the 2003 page and have difficulty getting out of it.

It would be great if these problems could be dealt with.

Shelley 03/25/05 10:24 am After much navigation, I made myself a little shortcut and I emailed it to myself so it is always in my inbox. I use this to get to where I need to go:



observation database (TO POST):

observation database (TO READ):


Hope this helps
Marie 03/25/05 10:26 am Well Miss cyber challenge should see the hoops I have to travel to even get to the message board.......LOL. I almost get lost in a maze.
Marie 03/25/05 10:27 am Wow are you ever Smart
cathy 03/25/05 10:38 am I always go back to 'Home' from wherever I am. Then when I use the side bar, it is always to the latest message or observation board.
Marie 03/25/05 10:51 am Brilliant Cathy.....and it works! Now I will be able to stay on the straight and narrow.....
Shelley 03/25/05 03:40 pm I am not so smart, Marie. Remember, I am computer-challenged!! I created this more out of laziness so I wouldn't have to remember each and every time what to do or where to find anything! This way, all the links I need are always right there, waiting! ;-)
Cecilia 03/25/05 04:20 pm I'm confused....(nothing new)...why don't you just "Bookmakr" (Netscape) or use "Favorites" (Internet Explorer). That way all you have to do is open whichever browser you use and go to each page right from the menu at the top of your screen. I have the Database, the View Database and the Message Board pages all marked in both browsers so I can open up the pages wherever I am. Oh, and I launched an external viewer for the video so I don't have to open a browser page for it. Does that help anyone?
Tim P 03/25/05 04:40 pm Cec , Now can you say it in your best "James Earl Jones" voice ?
Tiger 03/25/05 05:06 pm Hi Cecilia.....that is indeed true when using your own computer. However if you are using quite a different computer it will not be bookmarked. Thus one has to find the site by other manouvres sometimes using links which are themselves a bit out of date.

It is then you realise just how difficult it can become!

Tiger 03/25/05 05:14 pm In order to find this site I sometimes put "Dennis Puleston" into Google. Then one discover just how many links that go round in circles there are!
Mickey 03/25/05 05:31 pm I dont have any problem finding the 2005 site. The 2 buttons in question need to re-programed to point to the 2005 site instead of tossing you back 2 years. If they can make it go back to 1980 pre July 19th Id pay good money*wink* The day I broke my neck. :p
Tiger 03/25/05 06:01 pm Mickey I cannot replicate that particular error just now. If I am on the 2005 obs page and click those two buttons they keep me in 2005.

Do you clear your cookies?? It may be an old cookie! :)

Shelley 03/25/05 07:12 pm I still say, copy my post, above, and send it to yourself in an email. Then, it's always in your inbox, and you have all your links in one spot.

;-) (you're welcome...)
Mickey 03/25/05 08:19 pm Its been fixed Tiger

thanks Rick :)

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