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Thread subject: Survey
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Tim P 03/25/05 01:38 pm The sun was glorious this morning for a short time.
I visited some nest sights and saw several Ospreys
working on, sitting on, and flying over nests.
At Beaver Damn rd. very close to DPOF nest you can see Osprey flying over the river.
Clearly there is more than one pair in the vicinity.
The sounds of construction you hear via the camera mic are from a preservation project going on across the river in Wertheim.
At least I think that is connected to the Wertheim Preserve. Dave?
Anyhow it appears that The Osprey season has officially begun.
Celeste 03/25/05 02:04 pm Thanks a lot Tim....been wondering what is going on out there and haven't had a chance to take a personal look.....
karen 03/25/05 02:14 pm Lucky guy! Did you see the 2nd DPOF wagon wheel platform? if so was there any sign of nest activity?
Tim P 03/25/05 04:29 pm I can't see the DPOF nest from Beaver Damn rd.
But itâs probably the closet point one can get near it other then The Puleston property. Opposite side of the river from DPOF nest is another Osprey stand. I'm not sure yet if it's being used but there are several pieces of large earth moving machinery around it. Hence the beeping sounds you hear via the cam. mic. So as the Osprey fly over the marsh and river I can only presume itâs the residents of the DPOF nest without seeing them land in it. I did see a pair flying low over the marsh as I saw another flying solo. It got cloudy and cold fast. Also a nest at the end of Rt. 112 at Montauk Hgwy in a cell tower Osprey have taken up residency for a 3rd year. 3 fledged from it last year.
Rich_H 03/25/05 07:33 pm Last year I saw some nesting activity at a cell tower by the driving ragne on Sunrise highway.
Lori 03/25/05 09:19 pm Glad to hear the tower is occupied Tim. It's been dark when I come home; so I haven't been able to see.
Tom I 03/25/05 09:56 pm There is a nest (actually several) on Wertheim Refuge. The one across the river from DPOF has a pair that has mated several times. They had several young ~2 last year on this nest. The Wertheim wetland restoration project is almost done for the season (last week) and will start up again in fall so as to not disturb nesting birds. There is another nest inside Wertheim by the impoundment that is made on a dead tree, no human intervention (cool!) (I have a picture of it). From Wertheim you can see the DPOF nest, even at a half mile away you can see that it is such a massive structure they built compared to most other nests!!

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