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Thread subject: "night viewing"
Name Date Message
Lori 03/25/05 09:15 pm Hi Ron S! the moon is truely full tonight do you think we'll get more action than last night?!? :-)
RonS 03/25/05 09:22 pm Hi Lori, It's hard to say, but I do see the cam shadow starting to creep into the picture from the left side. I'm starting to be able to hear the different kinds of honks that the geese make and am wondering if any of them indicate that old spring-time romance? ;-)) Oh, Marie??????
Lori 03/25/05 09:24 pm Ron do you hear that funny noise kinda sounds like a racoon sorta like a chortle?!? it's gone now
RonS 03/25/05 09:29 pm No, I didn't hear that one. But I am wondering if the occasional "clunk" is one of the Osprey roosting on the cam perch and changing position. As Tim P pointed out, they can be silent on the perch for a long time and, with no shadow to guide us, it will soound like there is no one there.
Lori 03/25/05 10:47 pm The osprey is there!! I've been watching the cam come into view & I really thought he wasn't, but just just now he made enough racket to confirm his presence. They really are silent when they want to be! Marie? you watching yet?

Ron, I was thinking that maybe the noise I heard before was a turkey but I'm not sure if they are nocturnal.
John 03/25/05 10:47 pm Someone is up on the perch right now....just heard him moving around and saw the shadow those geese ever sleep?
Lori 03/25/05 10:48 pm not ever John !!! :-)
John 03/25/05 10:49 pm Almost looks like an owl up there....looking at the shadow....
RonS 03/25/05 10:51 pm ...and that, John, is why there are so many of those Flying Feathered Fertilizer Factories!!! LOL
BTW, I thought the same thing last night, that I was looking at an owl. If you watch long enough, the Osprey will stretch it's wings. Then you have no doubt.
Kathy 03/25/05 11:05 pm I've been watching also and I can see something up there, it's a strange look especially with the full moon casting it's shadow.
John 03/25/05 11:24 pm I don't know Ron....... I am looking at apretty clear shadow right now and i think the head area is way to wide to be an osprey..........."fff factories".... you have a point there!
Lori 03/25/05 11:27 pm How was that for a cool sight nice shadow play!!
Kathy 03/25/05 11:29 pm It flew away for a few seconds and came back.
John 03/25/05 11:30 pm wow.......just now, who ever was there just flew off....another circled around and landed......this is just too cool!
John 03/25/05 11:32 pm whew.... that's a relief..... i'm not the only one up watching this.......
Kathy 03/25/05 11:33 pm It's my first chance to look in today and I'm glad I did, it's a beautiful night view.
Lori 03/25/05 11:40 pm Absolutley a beautiful night for watching! I should be going to bed but I haven't finished doing the stuff I should have been doing over an hour ago!
Kathy 03/25/05 11:44 pm This is too good to miss, why go to bed now!.
Lori 03/25/05 11:49 pm I haven't but I'm sure I'll be cranky in the morning! Unfortunatley I have to work saturday morning. :-(
Lori 03/25/05 11:51 pm kind of reminds me of watching a lunar eclipse...watching the shadow travel across the nest. Did you hear that horn?
John 03/25/05 11:51 pm it looks more like an osprey....with the narrow tail. Did the osprey chase an owl away? looks like we'll be losing the shadow shortly.
John 03/25/05 11:53 pm i heard it ! and also the owl...he is a little louder now.............
Kathy 03/25/05 11:57 pm I didn't hear it Lori I turned the sound down.Guess I will say good night and it was fun having you and John watching with me.
Lori 03/26/05 12:07 am Goodnight to you all too! Happy weekend & Easter to you all!
Marie 03/26/05 12:45 am Oh dear....I missed all the fun tonight on the message board, but when I checked into the streaming video a little while ago guess whose having a whole lot of fun again tonight...You guessed it Ron ;-)) Some of those strange sounds that I hear must be coming from the ?? female geese. I think the males have inflated egos tonight and are ensuring their gene pool is the only one getting to the right spot...
I was out with the family this evening after five hours of Nature study earlier in the day......No signs of osprey return yet here in Victoria but four pairs of eagles on eggs in my immediate area........WOW spring is exciting.
Matt 03/26/05 01:33 am Wow, whichever Osprey is on the camera perch right now, he/she is making a lot of noise. If its not an Osprey I don't know what it is. Almost sounds like he's trying to take the perch off.

Seems to be very active tonight, though I don't hear the Owl anymore. The geese are extremely active.

I guess sleep isn't in their vocabulary. :)
Celeste 03/26/05 05:43 am Wow! Wish I new about this party you guys were having last night!:)))
karen 03/26/05 08:19 am Me too ... what a night!
Tiger 03/26/05 09:16 am I had heard that full moon's do this to people :) :)

Marie 03/26/05 11:33 am Now Tiger...........we are just telling the is wild out there at night with the full'll have to get up early and check it out.....I guess you would be 5 hrs difference( a head than L I) It is so different listening to the night life down
Now I see the sun if casting shadows of the cam arm across the nest and no osprey is there right now....

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