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Thread subject: Nesting Eagles
Name Date Message
Marie 03/26/05 02:15 am It was a beautifully calm day today, here in Victoria Bright and sunny. Of the four eagles nest I checked I could see three individual white heads of eagles gleaming in the sun as they sat incubating their eggs.Only one nest was I unable to see a head but she may well have been sleeping low down in the nest bowl. This nest had a smashed egg below the nest just over a week ago but she was in the nest last Sunday. Not sure what had caused the egg to be on the ground. Way too early for hatching eggs at this time.. Will try tomorrow to check again. Mean while, of the four osprey nests my friend I checked we found no evidence of the return of ospreys here in Victoria. By next W/E I am hoping at least one pair have arrived. .On our way home we stopped off at Hatley Castle and found several peacocks displaying their beautiful tails. They were strutting around the grounds and flying up into low trees. Those tails are so beautiful and very irridescent when the male bird spreads those feathers to impress the hen. A beautiful time with Nature once again.
karen 03/26/05 08:23 am Marie I think we should all come out and visit! I feel the Long Island offers much natural beauty but nothing compared to what you can find in a days drive. Thanks again for sharing a glimpse of your world ... always a good way to start my day.
Celeste 03/26/05 09:08 am Yes, Marie, you might open your door one day and see all the Long Island observers ready for a nature walk lead by you!
Marie 03/26/05 11:25 am I would love to take you on a long walk, but not on a day like today,,,,,,it is foul weather....with wind and rain and mists swirling off the water. Now I have just been called to work for 6 hrs. Just as well I can't do my nature stuff in this weather.......
cathy 03/26/05 11:36 am I was fortunate enough to be lead by Marie to the eagle nest, the osprey sites and so now I have a better picture in my mind of where these lovely places are. They are always changing though. My visit there exposed me to the joy of patient observation.

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