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Thread subject: Strange noises last night
Name Date Message
DaveS 03/26/05 04:46 pm Marie reported some strange noises last night. I created a clip of them, but I can't tell what they are, so I posted the clip in the Highlight section for all to hear. Any ideas?
Kathy 03/26/05 04:49 pm I'm hoping it's not but, it sounds like gun shots.
RonS 03/26/05 05:27 pm I'm no expert but my guess is a small caliber rifle, perhaps a 22.
Celeste 03/26/05 05:58 pm I am going to be a Pollyanna and hope that it was simple firecrackers....
Cecilia 03/26/05 06:25 pm Since the shots were spaced so far apart it sounded like someone might have been target shooting.
RonS 03/26/05 06:29 pm Cecilia makes a good point. Does anyone know if there is a shooting range in the area. It wouldn't have to be too close, as sensitive as the mic is.
DaveS 03/26/05 07:16 pm No shooting range within miles. These sounds are within a few hundred fett of the nest. I cut out some of the dead air in between the bangs in order to make it a shorter clip. The bangs occurred over a period just longer than 2 minutes. I know they aren't fireworks, but I am not sure they are shots. However, I am not an expert, so.....
RonS 03/26/05 08:08 pm Thanks, Dave. Another thought I had while listening to the clip; it also sounded like an oar slapping on the water. Yes, it would have to be a large oar, but maybe it was some other flat object. Sounds do travel far (and change a lot) over water. Just more speculation, but i do agree that it doesn't really sound like fireworks.
DaveS 03/26/05 08:16 pm Has anyone ever heard a beaver slap its tail as a warning? I have not, but I am not sure the noises are gunfire. Maybe just someone slapping the water as Ron suggests.
RonS 03/26/05 08:23 pm Would there be beaver in the brackish water in the Carmen's River area? Or is that a bad assumption on my part and there is some fresh water ponds for them?
Tim P 03/26/05 09:12 pm Mammals of the Carmens River:
White-tailed deer, Raccoon, Eastern cottontail rabbit, New England cottontail rabbit, Muskrat, Grey squirrel, Southern flying squirrel, Eastern chipmunk, Woodchuck, Red Fox, Mink, Long Tailed weasel, Eastern Skunk? Mink, Big Brown bat, red bat, Eastern pipistrel bat, Silver haired bat. Shrews, mice & voles too many species to mention.
Cecilia 03/26/05 10:46 pm I grew up spending summers on a lake in Canada and beavers built damns all around us so the slap of a beaver tail on water is a fond memory...and it sounds nothing like those shots last night. When I suggested target shooting I wasn't thinking of a target range...I figured it was just someone shooting cans off of a stump or night time skeet shooting. That's really how it sounded...aim, shoot, let the smoke clear, aim again...There are all those houses on fairly big pieces of property surrounding the nest...any of those people could have been out firing a rifle. If it wasn't target practice...did anyone look at Newsday today for homicides? :-)
Matt 03/26/05 10:49 pm Ron, I don't think beavers like brackish water. All I have ever seen is that they are in freshwater areas.

As for an oar hittng the water, I am unsure of that. The sound seems more like a solid object against another solid object.

Dave, in that clip, after it ends, is there any more of those strange sounds? The last sound seems like its moving away from the camera or fading out.

There are reports of striped skunk on Long Island, but I have never seen one, nor do I know of anyone who has. I think if they are here, there are very few of them.
Marie 03/26/05 10:52 pm Intriging suggestions for my 'Noises' in the night......
Muskrats have flat tails too don't they so perhaps as Dave suggested it could be a slap on the water from one of those nocturnal creatures. The strange thing was that the birds had stopped making their noise and if it was a creature of the night I somehow don't think they would respond in that way( no noise)....Maybe I am wrong.
Marie 03/26/05 11:17 pm Listening to your clip just doesn't sound like a slap on is too hollow a sound. Still seems like a rifle/gun shot to me.......
Matt 03/26/05 11:35 pm You're right Marie, it does sound too hollow. I was also thinking of a 3 inch thick log being hit against a tree. When hit right and if not using rotten wood, it can make a heck of a sound.
DaveS 03/27/05 07:30 am Okay, it wasn't a beaver, thank you Cecilia. I was hoping someone would know the sound. It may well have been someone shooting a small caliber gun. When I made the clip I actually removed some of the time between bangs to make the clip easier to listen to. There were only 4 bangs over a 2 minute period, and it does seem that they are moving away from the nest. I couldn't find any reports in the news.
Marie 03/27/05 09:25 am Thanks of those Mysteries of the night! So glad you didn't find any grusome stories in the newspaper.
Matt 03/27/05 12:04 pm I played the clip for my father. He says it sounds like an air rifle, but it has that whooshing sound after coming out of the gun which most likely is a paint ball gun. Now that I think about it, it could be as the shots have no pattern except that they start moving away from the cam towards the end of the clip.

I've seen them being used in South Haven and have seen the paint balls in other parks. I don't much care for them as the balls litter the grounds and they may be taken as food.
Lori 03/27/05 04:48 pm I played the clip for John, he is an authority, it's a pistol; probably a 38 or 9mm. Rumor has it that our park rangers across the way like to target practice with the rats at night. On a clear ,calm night noise can travel quite easily over water & sound closer than it really is. In case any of you are still interested.
Marie 03/27/05 06:06 pm Thanks Lori... great to know what finally was the source of those four sounds. Hope they( rangers) got their rats! GHO like rats so that was four less??? for the owl.
Lori 03/27/05 06:33 pm Marie they could've missed. :-)

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