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Thread subject: Betty at Night
Name Date Message
Cecilia 03/27/05 04:30 am Was anyone listening at around 4:05? (AM) A bird I couldn't recognize at first came screeching into the nest area and continued a very loud, insistent scream. Over and over and over...It seemed to awaken the owl, who started hooting in response and the roosters got up and joined in too. It was astoundingly noisy. At 4:10 the bird flew further away and then circled back and then sounded close enough to be on the cam. You could tell that it was really upset. Then wooosh, it landed in the nest and it's one of our pair...too dark to see who for sure but the head markings look like Bettys. I'm surprised that she moves around in the night. And I'm also surprised at how loud she can be because during the day she seems to chatter so softly. This was a very different Osprey call. Maybe a..."Dennis, where are you? I'm scared, come home immediately". She is just sitting calmly and staring out into the dark now...listening to the rooster and what sounded like a white throated sparrow (what's he doing up?).
Shelley 03/27/05 06:51 am Cec, what if it's the *original* Betty, arriving home and saying, "Who's been sleeping in MY bed?! Who'd been moving MY furniture?! Who's moved into MY nest?!"

Could it be the real Betty? Could the real Dennis be on his way in, too? Will there be a showdown at high noon? Stay tuned folks, same time, same station............
Tiger 03/27/05 07:12 am Shelley, I for one am expecting a showdown. I find it hard to believe that two mature ospreys should perish at the same time. Although juvenile ospreys are horribly vulnerable the adults are much less so. I think that is partly because they know the migration route to use.
Shelley 03/27/05 07:22 am I agree, Tiger. Personally, although I (as all of us, I'm sure) had been looking forward to having our Betty and Dennis of last year, return, I don't really mind *who* lives here this year as long as they are healthy and can give us a season to watch, if you know what I mean. However, if there is a showdown, I hope they do it off-camera. I think it would be very heartbreaking to witness it. Of course, we may never know...

In any case, all we can do is all we are doing now: watch, wonder and wait. And I am ever grateful to the crew at DPOF for everything they do to make that possible!
Marie 03/27/05 09:22 am Interesting performance that you share with us Cecelia, at that time of the morning.. As Shelley suggested and Tiger echo'd this could be one of last years ospreys.......wouldn't that be an interesting set of dynamics. WE might be in for some 'special effects' on camera soon. All seems OK at this time as there was one male on the nest poking around five minutes ago.
karen 03/27/05 09:34 am I will stay tuned .... between all of us there is 24/7 coverage of the nest!

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