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Thread subject: Appearance of the Nest
Name Date Message
Tiger 03/29/05 01:21 pm One way of determining the identity of an osprey might be to look at its nest building.

If you look at the nests from 2003, 2004 they look different from the 2005 model. I think that the previous nests had many more big sticks!

What do you think?

Tim P 03/29/05 02:30 pm Look at the 2005 archived pictures of the nest and see how well the nest building has progressed.
karen 03/29/05 03:30 pm In looking at the old archives it seems to me that the 2003 nest at the end of March was much less constructed ... 2004 was about the same with a deep nest bowl ... yes I do some bigger sticks in both nests in prior years but who knows what that means! But thanks Tiger for posing another research question to get my mind off into another direction! You are a natural teacher!
Marie 03/29/05 08:29 pm Indeed HE is .......
It is great to use the power of the mind.
This question keeps surfacing in my little grey cells of late. Having listened to all the bird-love-duets at night when there was a full moon last week, I keep wondering if indeed the light of a full moon has any influence on the frequency of copulation. Wonder if any scientist has studied this question or been in the least bit interested in this possible or probable phenomena. Certainly since the weather has changed and it is very dark when I view the cam pic and audio, I am not hearing anywhere the 'noise' at night.
Tiger 03/30/05 04:53 am Oh thanks Karen and Marie. I enjoy thinking!

You pose a fascinating question Marie. One so new that I will have to take time to think about it.
karen 03/30/05 08:07 am I do know that there have been studies done and that more murders are comitted and more babies are born during full moons. Of course in spring time there is more mating going on in general in the natural world.
Marie 03/30/05 09:18 am Yes Karen you are right patients at the hospital go a little 'wingy ' too at full it does have an affect on many things including the tides, but we all know that. It was just that night time activity that intrigued me.
I must check out some of my books and see if there are any references to that subject.
RonS 03/30/05 09:55 am Ergo, the term LUNACY, for the lunar effect on temporary insanity. Altho, speaking strictly for myself, some of us spend a lot of our lives in our own moonlight. ;-p
karen 03/30/05 12:05 pm LOL Ron thanks!
Tim P 03/30/05 05:33 pm 23 years service in several Psychiatric Hospitals.
The Lunar effect is REAL a few days before and a few days after the Full moon.
Cecilia 03/30/05 05:51 pm I have to concur...I used to work with huge numbers of the general public confined in one place for hours at a time and we could always count on bizarre things happening around a full moon...without fail!
Marie 03/30/05 09:06 pm Ah ! We have covered most of the bizzar behaviours, but the question was.......Ha Ha!
Does the bright light of a Moonlight Night have an influence on the number of 'Copulations' that take place and the frequency? That's normal behaviour I believe..... LOL.
Guess we will all have to camp out in Spring when there is a full moon and WATCH, listen and learn.

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