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Thread subject: Karen+Marie
Name Date Message
Mickey 03/30/05 09:28 am Your 9:07 obs......I was watching too. Did you hear a distinct chirping out of the nest? Like a chirp from a adult Osprey from last year? As I type this at 9:24 both birds are in nest and attentive to something above. And again the distinct chirping is back. Maybe someones returned from South America? Today should be interesting.
Marie 03/30/05 09:39 am Yes Mickey.......something was different this morning. I have to go to work now and have a busy day ahead so won't get back here for many hours. I am expecting you to take charge.... ;-)) Keep a watch out for everything.......good and bad.
Mickey 03/30/05 03:22 pm yes it looks like we might be witnessing a return of a bird or birds from last year.Ive been watching all day.I wonder who will win?
Melanie 03/30/05 03:43 pm I know the "young couple" have been working hard, but if it does turn out to be last year's birds returning, I'm sentimentally rooting for them. But these guys are really putting up a big fuss.
karen 03/30/05 04:12 pm I keep missing all this today .... glad to have the obs to catch up ....
Melanie 03/30/05 04:29 pm I'm almost hesitant to leave the office - I can't wait to see the outcome. And yes, I do manage to get work done! Mostly.
Cecilia 03/30/05 04:49 pm Mickey, just afer I made my 10:45 Obs (you and I both posted about the "shadow mating") I noticed that Dennis and Betty were looking extremely alert and watching something in the sky. I was due to leave for an appointment so I was getting stuff ready when I heard an osprey call that brought me right back to the computer...I swear it sounded like the "real" Betty. I couldn't believe that I had to leave! Now, having read the Obs posted all afternoon it sounds like maybe it was Betty or maybe even Betty and Dennis? Whew! I've been watching as I type this and there continues to be something going on...a bird just landed in the nest that didn't look like either one of this year's pair and there is screeching and alarm calling going on all around the nest. Are you thinking about going out to your vantage point to see what you can see tomorrow? :-)
Pam 03/30/05 04:55 pm Definitely seemed to be a battle of the females for the nest. It is bedtime for me here in England now but I will be interested to read if there has been any outcome to all this tomorrow. I feel as though I have fought the good fight myself ! The Connecticut male is patiently waiting for a female to arrive, perhaps one of these warring females should fly up there.
Tiger 03/30/05 05:02 pm Aww I miss all this excitement. Seems like the osprey war has begun!
Pam 03/30/05 05:06 pm Couldn't resist one last look at the board - Tiger, the url is but he isn't there as I write. Apparently he arrived last Thursday. Now it is definitely Goodnight All !!!
Tiger 03/30/05 05:08 pm Sorry about that Pam. I found the URL and edited the message!
Celeste 03/30/05 05:32 pm Of all days to have company!....thanks Cec for the alert:)).....if the "war" gets too intense....maybe they will figure out that there is a "new" nest that was put up last summer.....
Tiger 03/30/05 05:36 pm I am wondering if Dennis will opt for the easy (for now) decision and start courting this new female!

Celeste 03/30/05 05:39 pm That sounds good to me....but then if he is the only male around and both females lay eggs I don't think he has the experience to take care of them both...what do you think?.
Tiger 03/30/05 05:42 pm Well there are two nests!

No I think he would have to choose. My feeling is that he would go with the new know the way males are!

Cecilia 03/30/05 05:47 pm Now I'm lost...has there been a new female or male seen in the nest today?
Tiger 03/30/05 05:50 pm I thought that there was a new female.
Cecilia 03/30/05 05:55 pm Thanks I realize that you & Celeste were talking about "new" Dennis having a choice between old and new Betty :-)
Tiger 03/30/05 05:59 pm Ok Cecilia......see why it gets confusing when you name two birds the same!

Cecilia 03/30/05 06:04 pm Yes, yes..I was just thinking the same thing :-) Oh well...with the best of intentions...

Do you hear the GHO calling in the middle of all of this activity? We're having a very dramatic pre-sundown. The sky overhead is grey but there is a huge band of white on the the sky has a ceiling and the sun is peeking in from underneath. I'll bet all the wetland birds are out and's the first day we've had that really feels like there may be a spring!
Tiger 03/30/05 06:09 pm No I have not heard the GHO but then I was not listening that closely.

I am a bit confused by all of this as I would have expected an intruding osprey to make a determined eviction attempt. This attempt does not seem totally serious.

Cecilia 03/30/05 06:21 pm Well...she may be very unsure about what to do because Dennis isn't here. And, out of sight of the camera, "new" Dennis or Betty may be harassing her. If "old" Dennis shows up things may get much tenser. (Is that a word? :-) Now the sky is pink, blush, lavender and pale blue. I wish you all were here to see it!
Celeste 03/30/05 06:29 pm Yes the sky is unusually pretty...and I'm sure our wildlife have "picked" up on it. If things do get crazy at the nest site with the different osprey we could say Betty "A" (from 04), Betty "B" for ("05), etc....then when things are "settled" we can go back to the symbolic names of Betty and Dennis.
Tiger 03/30/05 06:30 pm I do not think it works that way Cecilia. In the osprey world females only fight females and males fight males.

So if Betty manages to drive Betty away then I guess Betty will set up home with Dennis!

BTW when people look at this Dennis are they reminded of Spirit?? The white breast is so reminiscent of him.

RonS 03/30/05 06:30 pm We have seen some of this before; see the archives for 4/8/04 (Unwanted Guest) and 4/3/03 (Repelling an Intruder).
Tiger 03/30/05 06:33 pm But Ron were these not cases of an outside osprey intruding. This case we have now may be more the established osprey expelling a squatter!
karen 03/30/05 06:38 pm I am still mssing it all ... have to go ... look forward to updates tommorrow ... BTW would it be possible for DPOF see any differences in todays birds in the archives? What I did see happened so quickly today and so much was off camera noise.
Cecilia 03/30/05 06:38 pm So...maybe Betty "B" (thanks Celeste) is harassing her and Dennis, not being "her" Dennis, is unnerving her.
Now that it's getting dark I would guess it's over for today but tomorrow may prove very interesting. How am I supposed to work? :-)
Cecilia 03/30/05 06:45 pm I assume we would be seeing more behavior like "Unwanted" Guest" and "Repelling an Intruder" if
Betty A & Dennis A were in the nest and these young upstarts had tried to horn in. But the tables are turned here somewhat...the "newlyweds" have set up housekeeping, brought in new branches, covered the nest with their oils and are a formidable presence.
Betty A has to be somewhat off balance and unsure about how to proceed.
Tiger 03/30/05 06:51 pm I would expect the male to stay out of this fight. After all as long as the old Dennis does not turn up he may win regardless.
Mickey 03/30/05 06:51 pm Ok .Im just back from watching. I couldnt stand watching here so I went there. Thank god I brought McDonalds. There was only one bird bothering the breeding pair. With it being early Spring(no leaves) I had a ok view. I cant confirm it 100% but I think the 3rd bird is a female. She is much bigger in the girth and wing span. Whenever one of the smaller birds would go to sit on the nest or perch the 3rd bird would try and zoom them. Or would just circle above. It was all very loud!! Maybe louder in real life because of the echo. The mid air "fight" involved all 3 birds at one time or another. That I saw live above the nest or off over the Carmens river towards Werthiem.I wound up wearing most of my hamburger in my lap because I kept looking up when I heard all the alarm calls. This 3rd bird,to me,does not look like a temporary visitor.Again and Im just guessing but maybe its Betty. I hope this helps and man Im glad I went! It was amazing to see and hear !
Tiger 03/30/05 06:58 pm Oh thank you Mickey for that amazing account. Seems like we need more cameras!

So what is they prediction??

Will this bird evict the sitting female and pair up with young Dennis?
Mickey 03/30/05 07:06 pm I didnt get the feeling these 2 nesting birds were leaving anytime soon. From the 1 1/2 hours or so I watched there wasnt much calmness in the nest like say yesterday. We felt the tension early this morning. After watching at home for 5 hours thats why I drove over. This could all change if the 2nd adult returns though. This 3rd bird was very persistant but......not enough to drive them away.My opinion is if theres 2 of the 3rd bird around zooming and attacking then the kids will leave. but Im just guessing.
Cecilia 03/30/05 07:09 pm Oh Mickey I'm so glad you went! I was hoping you would go tomorrow but today was even better :-) I have no doubt it's Betty...what other female osprey would have the nerve to disrupt a nesting pair. Now I'm really conflicted...I'm happy Betty is alive, sad that Dennis seems not to have made it and worried that this threesome will result in a barren nest :-( And now I have to stop watching and go do something about dinner.
To be continued for sure :-)
Matt 03/30/05 08:11 pm Mickey, did you view this from Wertheim or Beaver Dam Road?
Tim P 03/30/05 08:14 pm Tiger you asked for some predictions ? Prior to today the nesting pair was at first shy and
reluctant of each other . They seem to be a newly established pair. They began to adjust to each
other, both participated in creating a nest. The male provided food ,at first reluctantly but got
better at delivering. Previously he was flying around with a fish in his talons for 15 or 20
minutes. Many incident of copulating on camera were reported. The pair was making progress.
My feeling on the intruder(Female?) is that she will go away. Got any ideas ?
Marie 03/30/05 08:25 pm My Oh My......I knew there was something different today........that first alrm call gave it away this morning when Mickey and I noticed a different sound. I truly believe this is Betty A from 2004.....she looked huge in relation to the other young ones. Her voice was just as I remembered when she landed briefly in 'her' nest and then took off. I had only ten minutes to view earlier. ( I think Mickey stated that this new comer to the nest looked bigger too). The war is on........and we get to watch the parts that we can see. Certainly the noise above the nest was worriesome. Perhaps Dennis A from 2004 will show up tomorrow maybe, but I think the chances are pretty slim now. What will happen is anyones guess......stay tuned for these are events that many of us haven't seen before.
Marie 03/30/05 08:27 pm Thank you Thank you Mickey for the 'Go-Live' section of this message did a fantastic job today....Congrats.
Mickey 03/30/05 08:35 pm of Beaver Dam road.alittle closer.
Hey Marie.....Bluebeard is just hitting Cuba on his way here today.
Lori 03/30/05 09:01 pm WOW...Wow....Wow! I can't believe I missed all of this. Hope Dave will be able to make clips. I'm kinda torn; I'd like to see the "old" couple take up residence, yet the young adults have worked hard at becoming a couple..... maybe Betty"A" will take up residence next door at the wheel?!? Unfortunatley I have to work again tomorrow with no computer access; please and thankyou for all your great obs! :-)
Celeste 03/30/05 09:45 pm Wow Mickey.....thanks for being "up close and personal"......I too have mixed feelings about things. I am glad that Betty A survived, (and yes there was that familiar chirp).....and doubt whether Dennis A will be back......and Tiger, you are right about the last couple of days with this new couple. They seem to have discovered their own way of doing things....different from what we saw last year, but definitely more confidence and maturity that those first few days of arrival......In the end, I hope that all osprey concerned can do what they migrate to do.....continue with population growth and survival of the species....
karen 03/31/05 12:39 pm Just got up to date ( I think ) thanks for all the postings. Mickey so glad to get a live report ... hearing all that off camera yesteday was so frustrating. Mwnawhile it looked life BettyA on the nest jsut now ....

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