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Thread subject: If 'old' Dennis doesn't show...
Name Date Message
Marie 03/30/05 08:58 pm What will happen to 'old' Betty especially if she doesn't oust this new pair out of her own territory. Presuming that this is Betty! If she does manage to do just that, perhaps the other two will then go over to the new nest platform. I guess too she won't have much trouble attracting an eligable young three or four year old who is ripe for the mating game. Perhaps an osprey who didn't find a mate last year. Worse scenario is that many male osprey were lost with all those Hurricanes last fall due to their late departure from their breeding territories. They leave so much later than the females and juveniles that headed out. Poor Betty may go without a mate BUT could our new little male, who does remind me of Spirit, but can't possibly be him, be 'husband' to both? He looks agile and fast enough to be a good fisherman, being so small, but would that be too much to expect. He'll have fun trying with the girls at least if the worst scenario comes true.
If old Dennis doesn't show, how sad that will be for Betty, and what behaviours will we see from her?
Celeste 03/30/05 09:39 pm A lot of good thoughts to think about....its a nice thought to think that this male could handle both....and anything is possible......will our weather be favorable.....enough fish all plays a factor. Your point about the males leaving later is bittersweet.....they stay behind to teach the chicks to fish and give them their last lessons to survive.....and because of a heavy hurricane season, how many males didn't make it? Is this scene being played out across the East Coast? I am realizing that each season brings many different things to observe and learn when it comes to migrating birds...
Tiger 03/31/05 03:48 am Be husband to both........?? there is a suggestion. Alas in the case of an osprey it would mean needing to catch too many fish!

I still think that old Dennis may arrive.

Cecilia 03/31/05 08:49 am Actually Poole (I know, you must be tired of me quoting Poole, sorry, but he's the only reference we really have) has a section on Polygyny and he says that while most ospreys are monogamous they will sometimes, rarely, breed as polygynous trios - one male breeding concurrently with two females. He said that he found three such trios out of 190 monogamous pairs that bred in a colony he studied. But, and it's a big but...the females were in two different nests. He then went on to say that in 1937 a trio shared a nest (Bent) and he guessed that female ospreys may only share nests with sisters or daughters. Interesting huh? Too much work for this little guy I would think, not to mention that

Betty A probably won't be wiling to move to the new nest. We shall see :-)

Celeste 03/31/05 01:47 pm I agree Cec.....I really believe at this point that our Dennis of this year doesn't have too much experience one mate....let alone with two.

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