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Thread subject: Ospreys arrive at Woods Hole, Mass
Name Date Message
cathy 03/31/05 02:09 pm (works best with Firefox if you have a mac)
It was exciting to see the live osprey cam with two ospreys landed on the nest today.
Cecilia 03/31/05 03:33 pm Cathy..can you tell me what Firefox Is? I have a Mac and I've never heard of it. That Url comes up black on Safari and the picture keeps blacking out and coming back on with Internet Ex. Is that the way the site is? Thanks.
Melanie 03/31/05 03:44 pm After comparing the condition of the nest from two weeks ago to today, it does look like there is some activity, but I haven't seen the bird(s) yet.

The WHOI camera will not work on Safari. Firefox is a new browser that works very well on OSX and is actually less buggy and does not have the occasional incompatibilies that Safari has. You can find it at I switched to it about two months ago and prefer it to Safari.
Cecilia 03/31/05 04:27 pm That's great Melanie...thank you! I'll give it a try.
Cecilia 03/31/05 04:43 pm Well...Melanie and Cathy...since you've already installed Firefox maybe you can help. I downloaded it but when I try to open the install package it opens Excel and I get a page of computer code. I looked on Mozilla's web site for a solution but of course there isn't a mention of this kind of problem in their support pages. Any ideas?
Mickey 03/31/05 05:00 pm Cec....make sure you d/l the version of firefox for macs and not windows :)
Pam 03/31/05 05:19 pm Thanks for the "heads up" Cathy. Just saw a male osprey land briefly on the Woods Hole nest a few minutes ago.
Cecilia 03/31/05 05:19 pm Thanks Mickey...that was the problem. The Mozilla site that I got to was a little confusing. I just re-downloaded the right sit file because this time the file says
mozilla-mac :-) Excellent trouble shooting should work in tec support :-)
Celeste 03/31/05 05:27 pm That is a great cam....when I checked there were two osprey puttering in the nest....Thanks!
Mickey 03/31/05 07:51 pm I wish it had sound!

Last year I remember observing what a lovely wide flat open nest it was compared to ours.Last years Woodshole birds had a thing for Oak and Maple leaves.

glad it worked Cec !
Melanie 04/01/05 10:37 am I wonder if the Opsreys have returned to the nests David Gessner watches on the lower Cape out near the Brewster area? My folks are on Nebraska (of all places) on an extended visit, so I get no reports from there.
karen 04/01/05 11:26 am Great nest views thanks!
Cecilia 04/01/05 11:51 am Melanie, Gessner move down south (to the Carolinas I think) so we won't be hearing any news about those nests from him :-( The last time we heard from him he was deeply into writing his next book about Osprey migration. He will surely check in when it comes on the market :-)
Tiger 04/01/05 12:09 pm Is this a better camera than last year? It seems to have a much quicker refresh rate than I remember.
Mickey 04/01/05 12:28 pm the Woodshole cam is the same as last years.Its also streaming video but with no sound.
Cecilia 04/01/05 02:27 pm I find that I just don't enjoy watching the sites that don't have sound. They seem so lifeless. I check in when someone mentions something interesting but other wise I have a hard time getting myself to look :-)
Melanie 04/01/05 03:24 pm The sound definitely makes all the difference, and when you work in an office with no windows, it often saves my sanity and soothes the savage whatever. Sometimes it just soothes the savage. I love listening to the outdoor sounds all day.

Now if I could just figure out how to get a fresh breeze through here without doing damage to the brick wall..........
Celeste 04/01/05 07:05 pm Your absolutely right Melanie......though I must say that there are times my husband is "asking" me to lower the speakers, especially when he is watching TV !

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