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Thread subject: Mickey, Melanie & cathy
Name Date Message
Cecilia 04/01/05 09:43 am I've gotten Mozilla up and running and I like the look of it. It's "clean" like Safari but it sounds like its less buggy. One thing seems is very slow to open. The icon just bounces and bounces in the dock but eventually it does open the home page. However, the disk image icon comes up on the screen every time and when I close the page it has to be trashed. Is that normal?

Also, when I went to the osprey cam page it claims that I need the Plug-in (even though I obviously already have it). When I read the "Read Me" file before installing, it sounded like you would only need to reinstall Plug-ins if you were using a windows based system. Since I use an External window to view the cam I don't need to have a browser open but I'm wondering if I need to install the various plug-ins to have them work on other sites?

I also like how big and dark the box I'm typing in right now is compared to IE. Much easier to see!

I've moved the DPOF Bookmarks but I haven't had time to move everything else. Thought I would see how it goes before taking all that time. Are you all using Foxfire as your default browser? Do you really like it much better that Safari? I use Safari for almost every site except the DPOF...I can't remember why but I think there was something unstable about it last year and IE was fine. But I hate all of the Pop-ups.

Anyway...thanks for the heads up about Foxfire and any advice you can give!
Mickey 04/01/05 09:49 am I cant help you Cec. Im not a mac or foxfire user.
Sorry .
Cecilia 04/01/05 09:52 am Darn :-) So it's Melanie and cathy to the rescue eventually...Thanks!
cathy 04/01/05 10:18 am Cecelia - I recommend you start over with Foxfire. Delete it from applications, download and install it again. I still use Safari as my default browser (not sure why - misplaced loyalty to Apple maybe), I use it as a second browser. I have 3 browsers in my dock (Safari, Firefox and Omniweb) You don't need a plugin to view:

(the Wood Hole live cam)
It should just magically open. Melanie told me about this when I had the same problem you have so perhaps she can add some wisdom. I am writing this on the message board in case some other mac lurkers are out there.
Melanie 04/01/05 10:19 am My Firefox opens immediately, but I am on what I affectionately call Die Grosenputer - It's a Dual processor 1.8 G5 and pretty horsed up. Thank goodness that one went on the boss's bill and not mine! I'm still puttering on a Blue and White G4 at home.

You might want to go into applications/utilities/Disk Utility and run Repair Permisions since you've installed new software. (I drive our Mac consultant nuts with questions and take lots of notes.)

The other thing I do is to watch the DPOF nest directly through Real Player instead of going through the website. Open RealPlayer/file/open location and enter Then when it opens, go to Favorites and Add Current to

If you need to download Real Player 10, go to and in the upper right hand corner is a button to download the free player.

I do have Firefox as my prefered browser, but I also run Safari, IE (which is no longer being developed for Mac), Netscape (truly crappy) and Opera because I do webwork and often have to check a page's appearance in several browsers. It took me a little while to make the jump to Firefox, but once I did I have become a big advocate of it.

Macs Rule! (yes, I am one of those annoying True Believers - nothing worse than a reformed or converted anything)
cathy 04/01/05 10:32 am I meant to say, I use Firefox and Omniweb as my secondary browsers (when Safari gets bogged down). One doesn't need REALPLAYer (or any other plugin - right Melanie?) to see the Woods Hole site, it just opens in Firefox browser window.

BTW I have in my "Bookmarks Bar" (in Safari) all the bird cams I want to check (too) frequently and they "open in tabs" making it easy for me to while away the hours with "reality bird TV" (I am starved since I don't have a regular TV).

When looking at DPOF, I use Realplayer outside the site so I can size it as I wish.
Melanie 04/01/05 10:43 am Right. Woods Hole displays without benefit of Real Player. I believe they used Javascript for it, rather than making in an .rm file.

And the new Realplayer for Macs has color adjustments on it, which I like alot. I like being able to adjust the contrast or brightness - it really brings up details in the nest and makes ID'ing the birds a lot easier.
Cecilia 04/01/05 11:41 am two are jonny on the spot!!! order:

Okay, I will re-install. I'm assuming that you aren't getting the disk image when you open Foxfire.

I stopped using Safari as my default browser because I had a lot of problems with several sites that I used all the time. This was when I had the Beta version so maybe Mac fixed all the bugs but I never changed back. But I use Safari for everything else. I'm hoping I can use Foxfire as the default, keep Safari as a back up and basically just keep IE if all else fails since every now and then you run into a site that works on one and not the other. I've been having trouble with IE lately (probably because it's no longer being developed for Macs and I have a 2 year old version).

I was able to view the Woods Hole Cam.Thanks, it's great.

I do view the DPOF site on an external viewer and I too like the controls in the new version. I was going to post a note about them and then I figured that everyone else probably knew already :-) I don't even bother with keeping it bookmarked...I just keep the icon on my desktop and launch from there. That way I don't even have to open a browser if I know I don't have time to read or post.

I have a iMac G4 and I use Optimum Online for my internet service so it's remarkably fast. Safari and IE open quickly...that's why I asked about Foxfire taking many more seconds. I'll run Repair Permissions and see if that helps. I try to run Disk Utility every month and I'm overdue.

I have all the bird and animal cams bookmarked too :-) When I can't sleep I like to catch up with the pandas and other bird sites. I am such an animal lover that these cams are addictive. I have to limit myself or I would never get outside or any work done :-)

Thanks for your help and apologies to everyone else for this diversion into Mac tweaking!
cathy 04/01/05 12:31 pm How do you adjust Real Player controls? I have the free version and I suspect you have a "premium" version. Mine doesn't seem to have any sharpness, color or viewer controls.
Cecilia 04/01/05 02:23 pm cathy,

I have the "new" free version. I wouldn't have even known it was available except that I had to have a new hard drive installed and I ended up having to re-load a lot of sofware and downloads. I went to the RealPlayer site and followed the links and that's what I ended up with.

So go to:

Then see the FreeRealPlayer box (blue, in the upper right hand corner). Click there. On the next page you will see the OSX download. It even says "You will not be charged for this software." This new version has the features Melanie was talking about. You just put your curser over into the lower left corner of your RealPlayer screen (again, this is one I have launched onto the desktop) and a color wheel appears. You click on that and a window pops up from the bottom that gives you controls. You can also access the controls from "Play" up in your menu at the top of your screen. It lets you adjust brightness, contrast, color, hue and sharpness. Very cool!
Melanie 04/01/05 02:33 pm I don't want to post my email address since 'Bot's crawl around looking for such things, but if you ever want to ask me about Mac issues, feel free.
Cecilia 04/01/05 02:54 pm Thanks Melanie!

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