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Thread subject: Re: Melanie's 2:50 Observation
Name Date Message
Cecilia 04/01/05 05:47 pm Good questions...and I want to add...does anyone here from the last couple of years remember Betty-A and Dennis-A being so, ahem, active? I sure don't but of course my memory could be failing me :-)

I'm thinking that these two, being younger, are more...what's the word? not passionate, but certainly more driven. In the nest, on the perch and who knows where off camera. These couplings just have to lead to eggs, as awkward as many of the attempts have been. I'll look at Poole's book this weekend to see if he addresses the subject of age and frequency.
Mickey 04/01/05 06:49 pm I dont remember them from last year being so active. I do have a few remarks. Last years Betty would spread her wings when Dennis got ontop.I dont remember last years Dennis having sideways couplings. This years breading pair are clearly younger adults. He has that urge but just doesnt get it yet. (think back to your early early teens) All the times I`ve observed this years copulating, Betty doesnt seem to "open up". Maybe she knows something we dont? Or maybe shes just a youngin too.
Celeste 04/01/05 06:49 pm Yes, there seems to be a lot of action from these two....and "driven" would be the word...along with all the awkwardness as you stated.. and yes, I would also agree we will have eggs.....hopefully fertilized eggs! Dennis & Betty of '04 certainly gave us "quality".....though not "quantity"...... This should be an interesting season nonetheless:)))
Mickey 04/01/05 06:56 pm I forgot two things....they are fantastic nest builders!
And Mel.......your questions are great ones but they belong here. We all try to keep the ob board for obs. If people start asking questions over there, it can become disorganized fast. When summertime and vacations come up its really nice to return to the obs board and read everyones obs.Please accept my suggestion as being a friendly one :)
Mickey 04/01/05 06:58 pm Mel asked:

Do they reach a point in the mating process where she decides enough is enough and we've accomplished what we need to do already? Or would he keep trying until she starts laying eggs?
Celeste 04/01/05 07:03 pm Hopefully there will be answers in the "Poole" bible from Cec this weekend!!!!
Melanie 04/01/05 10:39 pm Mickey - yeah that was one of those things that started out as an abservation and then morphed. Thanks for shifting it over, Celeste. At the juncture in my life, though, sometimes I have to go with the moment, otherwise to split a thought could end up in never land.
Tiger 04/02/05 09:03 am Melanie in the Loch Gaten diary of 1994 it suggested that the male kept close to the female while she was fertile in order to prevent any other males mating with her.

However as soon as she was sitting on eggs he was absent for long periods. The suggestion was that if he could mate with any other females he would!!


Tiger 04/02/05 09:06 am Also see this male trying to get it together with this female. (what a necklace she has?). So being happily married does not prevent a male osprey from a bit of infedility if it can get away with it!

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