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Thread subject: Bluebeard update
Name Date Message
karen 04/05/05 11:12 am For those following his trip north new maps ... maybe he will stop over with us ...
cathy 04/05/05 11:36 am Go Bluebeard! Swoop down and squawk into DPOF camera and stir up the youngsters in the nest!
cathy 04/05/05 12:02 pm So Bluebeard heard my thought messages and buzzed the nest this morning!
karen 04/05/05 12:45 pm I was thinking the same thing!
Marie 04/05/05 01:24 pm Just love this site Karen. He is heading to Martha's vinyard isn't he?
Tiger 04/05/05 01:52 pm Yes Marie. See:'04.htm#Where
Marie 04/05/05 02:40 pm Thanks is so much more vivid when one checks the Maps and reads the info.....lovely place Bluebeard has set up his nest. Places like Lobsterville beach and Long beach. He has plenty of 'water holes' to do his fishing in at that location. Lucky osprey.
Tiger 04/05/05 04:14 pm Marie I never knew that Martha's Vineyard was an island until I saw this map.

We in Hampstead have a certain affinity with Martha's Vineyard as we were the only two places that resisted McDonalds for many years. Then finally BigMac came to Hampstead in 1993!

Not sure if Martha's Vineyard is still resisting!
Celeste 04/05/05 05:25 pm It is truly amazing..I never ceased to be in awe of migrating birds....Even my husband couldn't resist peaking at the map with me! Ha! Thanks Karen
Tiger 04/05/05 07:50 pm Sad that there is not a camera at Bluebeard's nest. MInd you we may get to see it eventually as it is all part of a BBC programme on migration to be aired next year.

He should be arriving home on Thursday 7th April.

Tiger 04/06/05 07:40 pm Bluebeard is nearly there. Indeed he is near Long Island tonight!

Get ready for welcome home tomorrow! Wonder if there is anyone sleeping in his nest??

Cecilia 04/06/05 07:54 pm I finally got to look at this map tonight and I love seeing his route. I spent some time wandering around this site again and I came across the photo of the transmitter. I'm having a hard time understanding how this thing glued on their backs doesn't drive them to distraction. It's bigger than I expected and solar powered so I assume that the feathers don't grow over it. I can't imagine that there is a place on an osprey's body, except the top of their head and the very back of their nape, that they can't reach - so I'm surprised that they don't pick and worrry at it until they get it off. Does anyone know if anyone has filmed them after they have had one of these transmitters attached?
Marie 04/06/05 08:25 pm How wonderful he has made it back home so few days in comparrison to the fall migration. What a bird this osprey is......Sure looks a great place to return for breeding. Any of our posters know what the view looks like in that area?
John 04/06/05 11:07 pm I have to admit..... this is so cool. To actually be able to see this migration down and back day by day.......unbelievable. As far as whether or not the camera is bothersome to them... i am sure at first it is because something is different .... but I think, (or would like to believe) that same as us, you adapt to what life throws you and continue on.... in this case, the only sad thing is that bluebeard will never know the awesome amount of knowledge he has provided to those that care about his clan.

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