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Thread subject: Amazing Osprey News
Name Date Message
Tiger 04/05/05 12:20 pm It is not often that one can report more than one piece of amazing news at the same time. Well I think today is the day for it.

It looks that at long last, some of the batchelors at Rutland Water may have found females!

Also there is a report of a pair of ospreys breeding for the first time (in a long while) in Spain. There is a translocation project there but as so often happens they come back naturally at the same time!

Also there is some amazing news about the handsome male I pointed out some time ago.

We do not know what this amazing news is yet!

Anyway read all about it at:
karen 04/05/05 12:44 pm Oh Tiger no time right now.... will get updates as soon as work allows ..... oh the suspense!
Marie 04/05/05 01:22 pm As usual Tiger it is a great story coming out of RUTLAND.........AMAZING info out of Spain that a pair that had overwintered there had now set up a nest and are incubating eggs. This looks like a new group in time that will probably not migrate and stay in this region all year. These birds have no idea how much loved and 'tracked' they are. No secrets is all on the net! ;-))
karen 04/05/05 03:43 pm Good news for the Rutland boys! Did you check up on the news at Loch Garten?
Tiger 04/05/05 04:10 pm Yes Karen there is news from Loch Garten today too.

Amazingly it is exactly like last year with more adultry between EJ and her ex-husband. Everyone is asking where Henry is??

Does anyone have any guesses as to what the amazing news about our young handsome male might be??

Since he is not recorded as being back at Rutland I guess he has gone elsewhere??

Question is where??
Celeste 04/05/05 05:17 pm be continued.........Thanks Tiger!
Marie 04/05/05 07:31 pm Well Tiger what ring colour and band does that handsome OSPREY sport. I can't read it. I wonder if it is the new boy in Wales.? His number is 02/01...the Welsh boy that is. Or else could it be the Spanish one .......guess I will have to go back and read some more of the diary daily.
Tiger 04/05/05 07:44 pm It is a red ring with a number 02 on it.

I am mystified as to where it could be as they describe it as amazing!

Could it be the USA??

or if not then Norway or Sweden. It has to be something pretty far out to be described like this. It suggests that it is far away as the news is witheld for a while.

I did point out that he was one to watch!!

Tiger 04/06/05 05:31 pm Ah the news was not so amazing after all :(

That bird has just gone to the nest in the Lake District!

Marie 04/06/05 08:21 pm Tiger......I was going to suggest IRELAND........
Wouldn't that have been wonderful. Are there any in that fair green land across the sea? If not why not.......perhaps they don't like the taste of the FISH there....The Lake District is a great picturesque place to you know if there are many 'osprey couples' there nesting? That handsome male of yours is sure to find a bonny lass, but that is what they say in Scotland. Not sure what they say in the Lake District when referring to Girls.
Tiger 04/07/05 05:30 am There are no ospreys in Ireland Marie. I think there were up until about 1900.

Yes there is a nest in the Lake District and it is there that this boy has turned up. Not sure how the resident male will react when he turns up. However yet another example of how ospreys seem to get it together with the first partner that turns up.

See diary at:

Celeste 04/08/05 04:34 am I liked the up close and personal I watched and read I thought how much this site has evolved with all the contributions from so many of us since we started in 03.....We learn so much from each other.
Tiger 04/08/05 04:52 am Oh the forum makes such a difference. I remember looking at my first USA osprey cam around 2001. But it was no good really....a pic ever 10 minutes or so and no discussion.

Indeed I tried to encourage Rutland to have a forum as long as five years ago but they were negative.

It is the discussion that is everything and greatly enhances our knowledge.

Tiger 04/08/05 05:21 am We now know what the resident male did when he turned up! He got rid of the young imposter and no doubt gave the wife a good wigging! Mind you ospreys seem to accept infedility as a fact of life!

Celeste 04/08/05 05:42 am Ah, experience is everything!

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