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Thread subject: Both my Back Creek nests are gone
Name Date Message
Melanie 04/05/05 02:04 pm For at least 10 years that I knew of, there had always been nests on my creek in two of the channel markers. (My contributed pics 2004) They are difficult to see through the new marina (complete with cypher locks on the piers) and all the boat rigging so you can't really get a clear sight on them unless you are on the water.

At lunch today I went with a friend to move his boat and as we came around the point I was stunned to see that both nests are gone. Both markers Red 2E and Green 5 (from my pictures from last year) are completely cleared out. Not a remnant to be seen. There was a lone Osprey sitting on the railing on G5, but no signs of nest building in either marker. I wondered why I had not been seeing much Osprey activity overhead the past couple of weeks.

I called my local Dept of Natural Resources and they say no agency (DNR or CG) would have touched those nests, active or not, and that they probably came down on their own. Considering how they were wedged in there (see my contributed pics for 2004). My thought is it would have to have been some kind of weather to clear those things out. I don't remember it being that bad.
Marie 04/05/05 02:43 pm That is terrible sad, but we know they will build again. You watch. I do remember you great pics highlighting these nests. Where are you located agian?
Melanie 04/05/05 02:49 pm I'm in Annapolis, MD on Chesapeake Bay - about 50 miles from Blackwater NWR (as the Osprey flies)
karen 04/05/05 03:46 pm We all know that both nests did not "blow away" from the winter weather unless you had a wicked tornado that received no coverage in NY! How sad that noone knew and could create the outcry that met the destruction of Pale Males NYC abode. But they ( the ospreys ) are probably rebuilding as I type!
Melanie 04/05/05 04:44 pm Must be rebuilding somewhere else, because they sure aren't on my creek (it's only maybe a mile and a half long. Both those nest survived the NE quadrant (the worst side) of Isabel 2 years ago.

I called the CG and they say they absolutely will not touch a nest, active or otherwise. I'm on a mission!
Celeste 04/05/05 05:29 pm I really hope it was weather and not someone who deliberately removed those nests. Keep us posted!

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