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Thread subject: Osprey Paradise on Long Island
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Celeste 04/06/05 09:10 pm Finally, after many years of living on the Island, my husband and I visited Connetquot River State Park Preserve. It is an historic and scenic area that is over 3400 acres, (for those of you who do not live on Long Island).....Connetquot was the Indian word for "at the long river." On the premises there is an Old Grist Mill from the 1700's and even an Old Fish Hatchery. My husband and I took the mile walk to the Fish Hatchery where trout are hatched. The Hatchery is covered with netting to keep the many, many osprey from catching the young trout. However, over the streams and river near the hatchery the sky was filled with osprey. I have seen osprey carrying fish, I have seen them dive....however, I have never watched the process from beginning to end. I heard an osprey chirping loudly and circle the stream and fly to a nearby pine tree. I watched him turn his head left to right and back again very quickly, dive into the water with a huge splash and come back up with a nice sized trout. He flew back to his nest and returned without the fish, so I am assuming he brought it to his "ladylove". This place must be heaven for Osprey. As we walked the mile back to our car through the bird sanctuary I saw osprey "hanging out" on branches chirping away. It was thrilling.
Nancy L 04/06/05 10:07 pm I couldn't have said it any better!
cathy 04/07/05 11:04 am What a wonderful place for ospreys. I'm glad to know it exists. It must have been thrilling to have an unobstructed view of fishing.
karen 04/07/05 12:28 pm Now I have to get there!
Cecilia 04/07/05 05:33 pm You are so lucky!!! A gorgeous day and such a wonderful place to walk. Can Frank give those of us on Long Island directions to get there? :-)
Celeste 04/07/05 05:59 pm Sure Cec, I'll ask Frank....(he was born with an excellent sense of direction gene)....Are you sure you don't want them from me?:))))))
Barbara Mc 04/07/05 06:52 pm How embaressing for me! I live about 6 blocks away from Connetquot River State Park and have never been there for a visit. My children are both birders, maybe they will want to take a walk at the park with me. Does anyone know if we would need a pass?
Matt 04/07/05 07:35 pm Yes, you need a permit (which is free) to access the park. You can get it by going to the south entrance off of Sunrise Highway. Tell them at the booth you want to obtain the permit. Then go to the building where the museum is and ask for an application. Its a yearly permit and before it comes due, go back to the building to renew it.
Celeste 04/07/05 08:13 pm ....My husband and I just bought the Empire Pass for $ that we could enter all the State Parks whenever we wanted too.--Robert Moses, Jones Beach, Bayards etc, etc...They took our name at the booth and that was it. At the booth the only sign I saw was parking for $6.00 or no more than $8....(for those who do not wish to buy the Empire Pass) We have found the Empire Pass is great as you can go to the different parks anytime you want and as many times as you want which in the end, costs much less than paying each time you want to go..
Rich_H 04/07/05 10:04 pm I am also embarassed. I have lived here all my life, but only been to the Connetquot River State Park for the first time a few months ago. My girlfriend wanted to go for a walk. I saw many Cardinals in the trees by the parkinglot. This was pre-Osprey season. I will have to get my Empire pass, buy two the second is cheaper! I get one for my girlfriend. I get one each year because I go to Heckscher park to fly model airplanes.
RonS 04/08/05 08:55 am Here is what I found:

Their Directions:

Directions: From western Long Island: Southern State Parkway east to exit 44 (Sunrise Highway), east to the Preserve. From eastern Long Island: Sunrise Highway west to Oakdale. The Preserve is located on the north side of Sunrise Highway, just west of Pond Road. They also have a map link.
Cecilia 04/08/05 08:57 am Thanks Ron!
Nancy L 04/08/05 09:56 am From the West, you have to get off Sunrise Hwy at the Pond Rd.-Oakdale-Bohemia Rd. Exit (Exit 47??) Then cross over the highway to go back west to the park entrance. There is no picnicing, no playground for kids - it's just walking & wildlife viewing. There are food machines (a quarter, I think) up at the hatchery so you can feed the trout, which sometimes jump out of the water for the food. I'm not sure what the rules are for driving the mile to the hatchery - maybe just for disabled or seniors? By the way, if you're over 60 something and go on weekdays, they waive the parking fee.
Nancy L 04/08/05 09:58 am P.S. I think it's closed on Mondays & Tuesdays.
Celeste 04/08/05 10:08 am Yes it is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays...and the age is 62 yrs. And yes I do believe that the parking is for the disable and Seniors near the Hatchery
RonS 04/08/05 11:16 am Over 62? AHA!! And you all laughed at the 6th anniversary of my 11th birthday ;-))
RonS 04/08/05 11:29 am Here's another info link:
Barbara Mc 04/08/05 06:54 pm Thanks for the info everyone. I'm really going to make an effort to get to this park.Sounds great!

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