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Thread subject: BLUEBEARD!!!!!
Name Date Message
Celeste 04/08/05 11:22 am Bluebeard flew over the Blackwater Refuge..... on his way to Martha's Vineyard!!!!!
What a guy/osprey!
Melanie 04/08/05 12:17 pm Not quite but close - Blackwaters comment was a little misleading. The tracking map actually shows him following the Western Shore Blackwater is on the Eastern Shore, right on that hump where the arrow points. However, that part of the Bay is about 12 miles wide, so it was a pretty close call. It looks like he followed the Patuxent River up to Baltimore before doing that little westward dogleg. I figure he flew past me (Annapolis) about 10 miles to the west.
FOB Webmaster 04/08/05 01:36 pm Oh, sorry. I didn't realize that was misleading. That was why I said "passed" and showed the map.

I was really hoping he would stop here, but not quite. :-)

Celeste 04/08/05 04:07 pm Well as Cec knows, and now Mickey, Celeste is "deficient in the sense of direction gene"......:)))

When I mentioned that Betty & Dennis are facing the "bay"....not.....they are facing the barn....(those of us who were at Puleston's compound will understand). From now on, Betty and Dennis back to cam! lol:)))))
Melanie 04/08/05 04:24 pm OK - so on the webcm, there is a "trail" in the left side of the picture. Where is that in relation to the river? Does it parallel or go perpendicular or neither?

And yes, Celeste, I will trust our sense of direction ;-)
FOB Webmaster 04/08/05 05:04 pm If you mean the trail-like impression leading away from the cam platform, that area is a freshwater impoundment. The trail was likely made by equipment at one time, at least that's what our ranger tells me.

The Blackwater River is behind you if you're looking at the cam image. The building in the distance is the Visitor Center. Sometimes at night you can see the lights on. :-)

Mickey 04/08/05 05:37 pm Mel......If your talking about the trail to the left of the DPOF nest(and I think you are)......
the Carmens river runs parallel to it and is way off to the right.....Right Celeste ? *snicker*

Lisa......nice to see you posting here.What a splendid nest your Ospreys have built since arriving and you must be a proud Moma to the Eagle Vermont news!
FOB Webmaster 04/08/05 07:07 pm Thank you, Mickey. Yes, we hope our little eaglet will get to be a pioneer. :-)
Grace 04/08/05 09:09 pm Lisa,
Will the third chick be raised by humans if taken to VT? Love your site and the work that you are fact many days it keeps me from my work. LOL
Cecilia 04/08/05 09:46 pm And Lisa...Will he be removed as soon as they make the decision, while he's healthy, so the siblings don't have a chance to endanger his health with their aggression? Thanks so much for taking the time to join us!
FOB Webmaster 04/09/05 10:24 am Thanks all, I'm glad you're enjoying the site.

The eaglets taken to Vermont will be hand-fed, but human contact will be minimized so that they have their natural fear intact. They will be in a semi-open enclosure called a hack box. They'll be raised there until they're ready to fly and hunt on their own.

From what we hear, the FWS will make their decision in a few weeks. I've read that at 60 days, eaglets have been known to jump from a nest upon seeing a human, so I imagine they won't be able to wait beyond a few weeks as the risk would be higher that one of the older chicks would get spooked.

You can read more about the Vermont initiative here:

I'm waiting to hear from our ranger if this is the program where our eaglet would go if he gets picked. Even if it's a different program, the site still has info that relates to the general statewide program.


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