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Thread subject: How did everyone find the Osprey Cam?
Name Date Message
Melanie 04/12/05 12:21 pm I get a list of birding observations weekly and the Long Island list made mention of the site early last year (when the eggs were in the process of being laid) and life hasn't been the same since. There have been a lot of late workdays to make up for the time I have spent watching! I'm very glad (and lucky) that my boss is pretty easy going and has a sense of humor!
RonS 04/12/05 12:35 pm Two years ago Newsday ran a series entitled LI Nature. In it they mentioned the cam and that was all it took.
Tiger 04/12/05 12:49 pm I have been following the Rutlan site virtually since it started in July 1999. It has links to a lot of osprey site and this was one of them. I came in just as chick # 4 was losing its battle for life last year and that was addict.

At that point it looked as if # 3 might not make it either having been disuaded from may dinners by a certain # 1. However as we now know Spirit was to prove everyone wrong and be the first of the clutch to fly. I will always remember how he hopped up on to the perch.
Nancy L 04/12/05 01:20 pm My husband (Mrs. Puleston's pool man) came home one Spring day 2 years ago and told me all that she had said about the new project. I attended the small "celebration" at Wertheim Preserve when the project was declared a success. While we were having some speaches, an osprey flew by over the river with a fish. How exciting! I've been Osprey Obsessed ever since.
karen 04/12/05 01:20 pm Ditto Ron S it was Newsday for me ... I did take a break for a few weeks after chick 3 died the first year .. I was not ready yet for the reality of nature and thought I was watching those nature shows when the ranger adopts and rehabs the sick and injured! Oh well ...
Good question Melanie!
Lori 04/12/05 02:39 pm Living around the corner from Wertheim & being enamored with ospreys since forever; when Newsday ran the article about the nest I've been here ever since. I don't always post...but I always observe.
MarciS 04/12/05 02:59 pm It was Newsday for me too..:) I've been hooked ever since.
Mickey 04/12/05 03:17 pm My friend John read the Newsday article and told me about it .this is my 3rd year and Im addicted :)
Celeste 04/12/05 04:03 pm Like a lot of us it was Newsday 3 years ago. For days I pondered whether or not to get involved with the site and then I just decided why not.....I had never, ever done anything like this on a computer before. In my wildest dreams did I ever think I would get so involved, learn so much and best of all meet so many lovely people.
Kathy 04/12/05 05:08 pm It was Newday for me also. At first I was hesitant about joining because I didn't know anything about Ospreys or Dennis Puleston. After I got involved I was hooked. This is my 3rd year and I have met many wonderful people and the Ospreys still fascinate and amaze me.
DaveS 04/12/05 05:26 pm I helped build it and put it up......
Kathy 04/12/05 05:33 pm How could we ever thank you enough for doing that.
Tim P 04/12/05 05:56 pm I came across The Post-Morrow Foundation during a Carmens River web search. Purely coincidental.
Barbara Mc 04/12/05 06:50 pm Newsday did it for me. I don't post very often, but I'm always watching!
Shelley 04/12/05 07:09 pm I was told about it and given the link by a good friend of mine from another message board I frequent. She lives in Greenport and I am not sure how she knew about it, but once I checked it out, like all of you, I was hooked. I came in just as the cam was turned on at the beginning of last season, so 2004 was my first season.
Tom I 04/12/05 09:58 pm Newsday ~2 years ago. My girls (2 1/2 & 4) get a kick out of watching the birds too!
cathy 04/12/05 10:10 pm I discovered the Wildwatch Washington State Fish and Wildlife cams last Spring - probably looking for information about fishing seasons.
Then I made myself a pest by showing everyone I could at home and at work my amazing discovery. People were polite, but not too interested (I still am amazed that some people just aren't interested). Then I probably navigated to the Kent Eagle Forum and perhaps someone mentioned it there, or I followed links to Blackwater stie.
I have a special interest in ospreys because everyday during osprey season, I would see a nest on the way to work. This was a sacred moment for me in the day, as if I was receiving a gift. Its hard to explain. Those ospreys were an answer to a longing I had to know large wild animals at the top of the food chain can survive. The river they live on is a Superfund cleanup site. Their presence at the end of King County airport runway was strangely reassuring. I could see them soaring outside the meeting rooms. Once I saw one fly past the window with a branch in its beak or talons and I stopped the business phone call I was on. Once walking to my car in the parking lot, I saw 2 screaming toward another, which I now know was requesting fish delivery. I saw some from an adjacent platform nest fly around with my nest ospreys. Now I think it was probably that year's brood discussing migration routes. Then I probably did a search the web for "osprey" and here I am.
John 04/12/05 10:11 pm doing searches about screech owl nesting boxes....led me to the newsday website and found the link from there.
Tay 04/13/05 03:58 am I learned of it on another site I go to Called OrcaLive
Marie 04/14/05 12:39 pm I do believe I found the DPOF site from a link posted at the Kent Eagle site in Washington.I used to watch that site a great deal till I discovered this amazing place to spend all my time..

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