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Thread subject: Dennis's behavior revisited
Name Date Message
Matt 04/12/05 07:51 pm With this cam for the past two years, I never seen the male sit next to the female on the nest while she was laying on the eggs. And giving it some thought, all the nests i've watched, even at Orient Point, I haven't seen this behavior either. Keep in mind, i'm not there 24/7 to watch it, but this is the first time I have seen this done. Is this common? Maybe Gessner's and Poole's books have something about this.

Just curious about it.
DaveS 04/12/05 08:08 pm The reason this camera was put in place was to offer the viewers a chance to witness life at an Osprey nest first hand. The nesting pair this year is new and is displaying very different behavior than we have recorded in the previous 2 years. Your observations of the events at the nest are just what we had hoped for. You are correct in your observations that this is a different pair displaying different behavior. Isn't nature wonderful?
Matt 04/12/05 08:18 pm It is Dave, and we all appreciate the camera. Thank you all for the opportunity.
Tiger 04/13/05 05:31 am Actually Dennis from last year did display this behaviour of being on the nest at the time when the female lays an egg. Look at the video for laying the second egg (I think) last year and we see this happen. It made me wonder afresh about the identity of this couple.
karen 04/13/05 08:49 am Does anyone remember the egg beingleft out exposed last year? I do not but that doesn't mean much these days ....
Mickey 04/13/05 09:23 am karen: it never was left unattended last year.In fact when Betty took a stretch ,Dennis would sit on the egg/eggs. When she returned she would have to push him off.
Pam 04/13/05 09:37 am Hi all, been on holiday and just catching up with messages. I just checked back on my captures from last year and found one pic of the four eggs alone in the nest. It may be that the parent was perching on the cam, but certainly out of sight in this pic. Remember the three speckly eggs and the large whitish one ???
Matt 04/13/05 07:03 pm Right Tiger, but there are times when she hasn't laid an egg and he still sits there with her. That is the type of behavior that I haven't seen before.
Tiger 04/13/05 07:27 pm I think he is trying to ensure that no other male osprey gets any chance to father the chicks!
Matt 04/13/05 10:35 pm Very good point. I wonder if the inexperienced female would allow that versus a much older female such as last year's Betty.

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