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Thread subject: Message from Marie
Name Date Message
cathy 04/12/05 10:57 pm Via email to Cathy
I hear via email that Betty has laid an egg. I was one day off in my predictions. I had suggested between 5-10th. Good news for our pair of osprey down East.

Back out West in Victoria........the heat is on.......All my osprey have returned, I think. I watched a pair near Colville for an hour yesterday, late in the afternoon. I saw only the female standing around on the nest then she began her calling 'I see you coming with a FISH". The male finally arrived, flew over the nest with the fish and then flew to a snag and devoured the complete fish........he didn't save her any, but get this...........he flew to the nest with his Right Talon curled up as though he had something for her once he had finished the fish. I had watched him eat the whole gold fish including the tail. Meanwhile the female was calling and calling even when he arrived at the nest. What kind of behaviour was that?! Deceitful, I call it, and crafty. He arrived at the nest and started to clean his bill, then fussed around with the sticks for a while. Then he began to do the belly flop activity with both legs and feet going full pelt creating a lot of dust. I guess this is the way he clears out the over-winter nest debris. It is a behaviour we have seen a number of times at DPOF. I had to smile for it was deja vu. The female continued to remind him that he needed to go get a fish for her supper. Her call is so shrill, and it was right in his ear. Is he deaf.? I wondered why he didn't turn to her and say......'.FOR GOODNESS SAKE SHUT UP'. He finally flew off and brought back a stick......she wasn't impressed. I left as I got cold.

In addition to these, two ospreys were seen out at the ball park near Esquimalt Lagoon Sunday morning, I only saw one, a female...and I saw one osprey on the View Royal nest on a pile driver in the bay.

I am Migrating to England for a month on silver wings. Please tell every one I miss them.
Marie 04/14/05 12:31 pm Many thanks Cathy.......I have left others in Victoria to document the work that I started and can't finish at this time. They will have all the fun parts during the next month... ;-)

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