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Thread subject: Are You worried about this egg?
Name Date Message
Tiger 04/13/05 05:26 pm Are you worried about this egg. It spends a lot of time exposed.

Tiger 04/13/05 05:32 pm No need to worry any longer the egg is gone. I did not see it happen!

Oh dear not sure what happens now.

TomT 04/13/05 05:41 pm The egg is still there. It was covered by nesting material when one of the birds took off.
Tiger 04/13/05 05:43 pm Yes I realise that it is "back" now. For a short while it did really seem gone.

Unfortunately the camera has been crashing a lot so it is hard to follow it exactly.

karen 04/13/05 06:14 pm I have been watching all afternoon as Betty chirps and gets on and off the egg .... not sure that it is the best thing for the egg but she does need to eat and Dennis does not seem to be getting her fish. Tiger you must have had a heart attack thinking the egg was gone ... I had just left work so I missed that panic moment. But it is concerning me the behavior today and I keep thinking about the discussion about Dennis being young and inexperienced. Any input form anyone on how much exposure an egg can take?
Celeste 04/13/05 06:22 pm I have been trying to find out and the only thing I can get off the internet is snippets here and there about incubation and how the brood regulates the temp of the egg and that in many cases the weather doesn't always affect the temperature of the egg as the nest bowl can maintain heat somewhat. And again, I read that sometimes the pair will abandon the egg if they think it is not fertile. I am concerned about this nest as more and more I feel they are definitely inexperienced..including the female. She is hungry I am sure, but usually instinct would keep her on that egg no matter what....remember how insistent Betty was last year when she would return to the nest to sit on her eggs. Also, as a new mating pair, we may not have more than a couple of eggs. Its been a couple of days now and we still don't have a second egg. I have read that when a nest fails, sometimes the pair will lay a second clutch. Well, we will certainly learn this season what its like to observe a first time nest. Hopefully we will be pleasently surprised.
karen 04/13/05 06:54 pm Celeste thanks for the info. Watching her this afternoon was painful because she did not seem to leave the egg easily she spent a long time calling and then going to the edge and then those short flights around the nest. If she needs to eat I think maybe survival for herself is a stronger instinct than the protecting the egg. I think the 2nd egg would be 3 days later and that is today ... we will all have to keep watching
Tiger 04/13/05 07:05 pm See why wise osprey females demand the fish first!!
karen 04/13/05 07:16 pm LOL thanks Tiger ...
Lori 04/13/05 08:59 pm Normally I'm a die hard optimist; but after reading all your obs & seeing the egg uncovered at this time of night, I think it doesn't look good for this little guy. I hope I'm wrong.
RonS 04/13/05 08:59 pm YES I AM!!! See my obs of 4/12 at 8:58.
Matt 04/13/05 09:09 pm So am I. The egg has been not sat on for many hours. I don't think it is fertile. Even if it was, the egg can't survive. It is around 35 to 40 out there.
Tiger 04/13/05 09:16 pm Matt how do you imagine that the ospreys would know whether it is fertile or not??

I somehow think this is more to do with lack of fish or perhaps an intruding osprey.

karen 04/13/05 09:31 pm The more we know the less we understand. We will see what tomorrow brings.
Matt 04/13/05 09:50 pm Tiger, I don't think it has to do with an intruder. Because its too much for too long. Sooner or later the intruder would tire and Betty would go back to sitting on the egg. There may have been an intruder but I highly doubt the intruder is harassing them for this long without some sort of fight. However, I think this would be possible if one of them was injured during a fight, but both seem to be flying back and forth to the nest.

There have been reports of birds/hawks/eagles (not only Ospreys) having a sense that an egg is not fertile. It is definitely not hot out here, so a very warm temperature can't be a factor.

I don't think its lack of fish either. Ospreys when desperate for food will go for mice, chipmunks anything small. The other thing is that Dennis brought in what I could swear was a goldfish the other day. We know from last year that there are many goldfish ponds in the area. Plus herring are running right now, so he's got something to choose from. The weather has been good here, which is another factor.

This is all just my observations. I have a feeling by tomorrow or the next day that egg will be out of the nest.
Matt 04/13/05 09:53 pm I should add it would be out of the nest if they deem it non-fertile.
Matt 04/13/05 10:05 pm Don't get me wrong, I hope the egg is fertile, but from what i've seen and read so far, she's been off the egg for a long time.

Does anyone know what temperature the egg needs to be kept at?
Matt 04/13/05 10:31 pm Ok an update. She's been on the nest for over a half hour. So maybe it wasn't that they thought the egg was non-fertile? Or if it was did they get rid of it and she's getting ready for another one? Or was it an intruder?

If it was an intruder it either was a very very persistent one or more than one and they just happened to pick tonight to take turns.

Best thing would be to review the footage when they started leaving the egg alone.
Nancy R 04/14/05 07:19 am Hi everyone,
Assuming most birds are similar, I think this egg could be perfectly fine. I breed canaries and the hen will lay 1 egg ea day for 4-5 days. She doesn't stay on them (incubate) until the 3rd egg is laid...this way they hatch closer together and she's not off the nest getting food for the newly hatched chick when there are still unhatched eggs in there. Fertile eggs can be kept in an unincubated situation for a month & still hatch after it's finally incubated. Well, that's the story with canaries-- I hope it's the same here.
BTW, what's the incubation time frame w/ ospreys?
Nancy R 04/14/05 07:27 am Ugh, I just read that ospreys start incubating on the first egg:
Now I'm a little worried too...but, she was just covering it up w/ some of the soft stuff in the sweet.
Marie 04/14/05 03:43 pm I have watched the Balckwater eagles cover over their chicks with nest debris when the adults leave the nest. Makes sense if these ospreys cover the eggs too although I don't remember them doing so last year or even when they had youngsters in the nest.

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