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Thread subject: Cecilia's strange noise
Name Date Message
Lori 04/14/05 08:01 pm I got John to listen to the clip.... he says it's probably an American Woodcock. Marie, if you get a chance listen and see if you agree.
RonS 04/14/05 09:18 pm I am, by far, not an expert, but my first thought was a Bobwhite. Although it is a bit fast for one.
Marie 04/15/05 04:28 am Hi Lori, about that sound.......I reviewed ..and it is a sound I have NEVER heard before. We don't have Am. Woodcocks out West. Sorry.
Not a Bobwhite is my opinion.
Nancy R 04/15/05 07:49 am I don't think it's a woodcock. We have them here & they actually sound like a bug. I've never heard that sound before either. We are talking about "Unknown call ΓΆ€” (50 seconds)", right? has good recordings of bird sounds...I couldn't find anything like that sound for Long Island.
Melanie 04/15/05 10:24 am No, not a woodcock. I have crawled through the calls on the Patuxent Wilife Research Center's site at that pertains to East Coast birds (good site, by the way) and there is nothing on their list that sounds like that. I went through my briding by ear CD's and nothing hits there, either. I even called my mother (a champion birder by ear) on Cape Cod and played it for her and she has not heard it before.

It may be something that is way out of it's normal range (which does happen from time to time due to storms etc.) The other alternative is that because some birds are not limited to just one call that particular song may not have made it on the recordings. I am trying to run it by the follks at Patuxent to see if they can identify it.
RonS 04/15/05 11:25 am Neophyte question; could it be a Mocking bird trying to be something else?
Melanie 04/15/05 11:50 am I don't think so, although it's a good thought. It's too specific and simple a call; mockingbirds don't usually repeat for that long. They will usually do a lot of switching back and forth and there are usually more notes in their calls. At least the ones that wake me up every morning are.
Marie 04/15/05 12:30 pm Good point RON, but like Melanie says, Mockingbirds don't generally keep the same sounds going for that length of time... It is possible that this bird is a young bird and hasn't quite got its species song quite right yet, or possibly a bird that hasn't switched over to a more melodic territorial/breeding song from the rest of the year calls.This secretive, but vocal bird stays a Mystery for the time being...
John 04/15/05 04:18 pm If you listen very close... at the 41 second mark it sounds like the same call is answered off in the distance, then a pause (main caller flying closer to the distant one?) Then the main caller sounds againa little further away. I almost think I have heard this call before.....
DaveS 04/15/05 07:41 pm Would anyone like to think Tree Frog, thay have a very similar call and it is spring! I am not posing an answer, just a thought!

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