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Thread subject: Distressed Osprey
Name Date Message
Sheri B 04/16/05 09:58 am I am located in East Patchogue, and I currently have an osprey on my property(atop a 50 foot pole) who has apparently swallowed a large rag. The rag is hanging from the right side of his beak, dragging behind him, with the other end caught down his throat. He keeps shaking his head trying to dislodge the rag. Does anyone know what, if anything, can be done to help this distressed osprey. It is such a heart breaking sight. Any ideas???????
Sheri B 04/16/05 10:11 am GREAT NEWS!!! After watching this poor bird struggle for nearly an hour, I am so happy to report that the bird was able to successfully free the rag from his beak. I felt so helpless watching him struggle, but am releived to report that he seems to be OK. Sorry to sound like such an alarmist, but it was so stressful to watch.
Shelley 04/16/05 11:27 am Yikes! I doubt there would have been anything you could have done, yourself, Sheri. Even if he had been on the ground, I don't know that you could have got close enough to do anything. I am very relieved that he managed to free it, himself. Another cautionary tale about the litter we leave around and how dangerous it can be to all wildlife!! I know I am preaching to the converted but it is always so heartbreaking to witness something like this.

Thanks for posting the update!
Sheri B 04/16/05 11:52 am You make a great point Shelly. I hate seeing that plastic blowing around in the nest. As strange as this may sound, this mornings "rag" turned out to be a tattered pair of men's boxer shorts. Go Figure???
Shelley 04/16/05 12:22 pm Heehee, there's no accounting for taste, is there?

Celeste 04/16/05 01:47 pm I am certainly glad I just got home and read that all is well that ends well. Sheri, Osprey love junk in their nests....they will anything, toys, hula hoops, just about anything. That osprey probably wanted to add those shorts to his decorating scheme, however as you saw it was not a very good idea!

Thanks for sharing! And, I do hope you get osprey so you can tell us all about it one day!
Marie 04/16/05 02:00 pm next this osprey will find some ladies underwear to go with those shorts. What A SIGHT THAT MUST HAVE BEEN AND WHAT A SCARE WATCHING ALL THIS.
Sheri B 04/16/05 02:33 pm Thank you all so much for your posts. I learn so much here everyday, and I am so appreciative that you are all so open to sharing your vast knowledge.

Hopefully, after this morning's drama, there will be no more "undies" permitted on the perch.
Celeste 04/16/05 04:21 pm Sheri, most of us who found this site in '03 knew very little about osprey.....we have learned from each other, plus a course or two of osprey facts on the message board that we jokingly call "osprey 101"....We continue to be a "work in progress" as we are discovering this year with all the "different" happenings in the nest.
karen 04/16/05 07:07 pm I am so happy it turned out well ... must have been really scary while it was happening ..
Tim P 04/17/05 06:45 am

If you find an animal that you think needs rehab.
Sheri B 04/17/05 09:47 pm Thanks Tim, that's good to know.

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