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Thread subject: Phone call from Marie
Name Date Message
Pam 04/17/05 03:14 pm It was lovely to hear Marie's Canadian accent on the phone this morning and I am really looking forward to meeting up with her soon. Hopefully we will be able to take her to Rutland Water and may even be lucky enough to see an osprey.
I thought I would pass on this link:
I have been having fun with this, looking up Bayards Cutting and Connetquot State Park to view satellite images of the area. It gets in close enough to see houses and gardens etc. quite clearly and gives an indication of what the areas you LI folk talk about are like. The link was posted on Orca-Live by Ellen. I find it doesn't work too well with a specific address as it refused to recognise two American addresses that I typed in, but for a general look at the area as a whole it is good. Just going to take my first look at the cam today, complete with third egg.
Shelley 04/17/05 03:29 pm Pam, you make me chuckle! I have spoken with Marie on the phone a few times and, to my Canadian ears, she has such a lovely lilting British accent!! I guess it's all in the ear of the beholder, lol!

Can't wait till the 3 of you meet! I do hope you'll remember to take a photo or two! ;-)
Pam 04/17/05 03:32 pm Those cameras will be busy Shelley. Should have mentioned with regard to the map, the most important thing, it shows a satellite photo of the area too.
Celeste 04/17/05 03:54 pm Thanks Pam for your update.....can't wait to see photos!!!!
cathy 04/17/05 05:26 pm Its so great Marie and Pam will meet. I know you will have a lot to talk about and images to view. I KNOW you will take some photos for us back here (and Tiger will help publish them).
Cecilia 04/17/05 05:39 pm Don't you love how this site has brought together people from all over the world? Have a wonderful time at the England reunion. We're all jealous!
Lori 04/17/05 10:28 pm Much laughter & smiles are wished for your visit! Don't forget those pictures. Have a great time! Hope to see you all on Long Island someday soon!!
Marie 04/18/05 02:33 am Thanks everyone for your 'special' comments....I am blushing here. It was indeed great to speak with Pam on Sunday as well as matters are going to keep me busy over the next week so won't be on line very much but our English connection will 'happen' in Leicster where Pam lives. 10 DAYS. Plans to be finalizes
Rutland here we come. Hopefully a sunny day for it is pelting down with rain in London today, however yesterday in brilliant sunshine I met Tiger, our resident Pofessor. Smile...
The topic of guesssed it 'OSPREYS' . What an incredible mind this man. has...tell you all about it when I have time. I came away with a souvenier..........A plush TIGER. A new friend to add to my collection.
Tiger 04/18/05 04:31 am Yes the weather was really kind to us. It was a really nice meeting up and great to make plans to see the birds at Rutland.

We had a lovely walk in the park and even managed to see a pair of Herons!

Guess it was the first European meeting of our group!

Celeste 04/18/05 06:03 am Can you see me smiling? Enjoy!
Shelley 04/18/05 06:50 am Me, too!!! I missed another one! I hope one day, we can ALL meet!

Um, ;-)
karen 04/18/05 08:14 am Looking forward to some photos .... wish I could join you.
Pam 04/18/05 04:06 pm I only hope this will not turn out to be a damp squib. The only birds I have seen at Rutland Water so far are ducks etc. However, it is a nice place to visit, the ospreys ARE there and who knows, we may be lucky. Anyway it will be great to have a day out together and hopefully a nice pub lunch and a glass of wine. Today has been lovely after a rainy start, fingers crossed for when the visitors arrive.
Marie 04/18/05 06:23 pm will be a lovely time no matter what! By the time we meet even Ducks on the artificial lake will be most welcome. Did the guys remember to stock the fish... LOL...ospreys need fish.
Celeste 04/18/05 06:47 pm When you each have a drink of wine....think of "us"!
Marie 04/19/05 04:05 am Oh Celeste, we will toast to you all. I expect there maybe some very special moments I can capture on the digital, however you will have to wait....keep you all in suspence. ;-)
Celeste 04/19/05 05:51 am Cheers!
Kathy 04/19/05 11:31 am Have a great time!

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