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Thread subject: I had a visit!!
Name Date Message
Melanie 04/18/05 09:53 am Recently there have been a pair zooming overhead (I have to get out on the creek to see if I can see a nest) and this morning as I was going to work the male came zooming in and perched in the oak tree right outside my apartment. BIG AS LIFE! He was maybe 20 feet up the tree and I was able to walk right up to the tree to get a good look before he took off. He didn't seem the least bit concerned. And don't you know I had no film in the house!

It's funny how I forget they are brown and white, not charcoal-ly black like the cam shows them.
Celeste 04/18/05 10:12 am Wow Melanie, you must have been "besides yourself!"
Melanie 04/18/05 10:53 am Made me late for work! ;-p (but I still beat the bosses in). The camera is now loaded and at the ready!
karen 04/18/05 11:40 am That is really cool. In the birdzilla article that Celeste had posted the link to they talk about in the early part of the century that the osprey was so very common and nested right in peoples yards and were almost domestic .... I found that amazing and now you have one in your yard.
Cecilia 04/18/05 01:08 pm Yes, yes...their color is so different from what we see in the nest...I was reminded of that when I saw ospreys in Florida, they were so much browner. Are you close enough to the water that ospreys nest in your neighborhood?
Melanie 04/18/05 02:03 pm My apartment is an old marina community on a creek that feeds into the Chesapeake (it's not really as high-falutin' as it sounds). The nests that I talk about are/were at the mouth of this creek. When Isabel roared through here two years ago (nearly) there were several buildings that were in danger of having the first floor flooded.

We've got all kinds of critters here, including a great blue heron who stands at the end of the inlet fishing all day, fox an occasional coyote and half the mallards in town. And we are not rural in any sense of the word. I'm a 15 minute walk from the center of town and everything is a combination of residential and commercial.
karen 04/18/05 03:33 pm Now I have to decide if I should move in with you or Marie! or go to England .....
Marie 04/18/05 06:17 pm Lol....Karen, the ospreys really aren't very abundant in England, that we know of...Tiger knows best on that subject. Scotland is where possibly 200 pairs of ospeys nest, but I have a hunch they aren't that close for observation either. From what I have read that you and others post of the closeness of some nests, especially Melanie's one in the garden, I think Chesapeake bay has a monopoly of Ospreys and at close quarters. Isn't it there that the highest density of ospreys in all of North America nest because of so many nest platforms that have been erected over the years?
I know in Canada, in BC a place called Creston has one of our highest densities, but I am not sure of the exact numbers.
Cecilia 04/19/05 01:49 pm Sounds perfect...close to the water and town with herons and ospreys as neighbors!
Tiger 04/19/05 06:01 pm Oh we have only two nests in the whole of England as far as I am aware of.

If you want to read a fascinating story of how a male osprey has remained single for nearly eight years read below. Remarkably a female seems to come back to flirt with him every year before going off to wherever she breeds! What a tease!


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