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Thread subject: More Amazing Stories From Loch Garten
Name Date Message
Tiger 04/18/05 01:22 pm There have been further amazing stories from Loch Garten.

As I mentioned earlier the resident male had not returned and the female (EJ) had paired up with her ex-husband. However just as EJ laid her first egg an intruding male drove off her partner.

Now we have a situation where two new males are fighting for EJ's affections but neither bringing her any fish.

Meantime she has laid a second egg!!

So any guesses as to what is going to happen??

The first egg has been exposed since Friday!

karen 04/18/05 03:31 pm And we thought we had drama! I love this site and the writer and the info supplied by the volounteers ... thanks for getting me to take a break from work and enjoy it ... i will be sure to stay tuned.
Tiger 04/18/05 04:30 pm Yes but it does seem sad. I know someone who is traumatised that Henry has not returned.

The whole history of EJ and VS is amazing. They have been trying to be a couple for many years and it never works out. The last diary but one give a great account of the history of VS.

Everyone here has been wondering about Betty's first egg being exposed for some hours. These eggs at Loch Garten have been exposed for days.

So even if EJ gets a male to feed her......what will happen to the eggs??

You can see why a female osprey likes a nice reliable partner!

Marie 04/18/05 05:59 pm Tiger you left yourself wide open for a comment...LOL....doesn't every woman want a nice reliable partner?
I read all through those diary entries a while ago. Sounds like we have a total new male osprey trying it off with EJ. A red ringed osprey instead of VS orange. That male seems to have disappeared altogether now. They had been together as a couple since 1994 if my memory serves me correctly, and between MAN, and Pine marten stealing the eggs during some nesting seasons it is a miracle these two have lasted together all these years. VS orange was reported as 13 years old already...mmmm maybe it was his time to give way to a stronger and more youthful osprey. Sad though........
As for the eggs.........sterile, perhaps. Too much time I would think has elapsed from incubating that first day. Life as an Osprey is fraught with difficulty, but who said life was easy.
The more I study Birds the more I realise their lives are similiar to ours in many respect.
Celeste 04/18/05 06:43 pm Definitely dramatic....I liked when it was said hopefully Henry's genes will be in his "descendents". Those diaries are excellently written....I loved when they suggested to have a pot of tea vs just a cup. Thanks Tiger.
Tiger 04/18/05 06:54 pm Oh Henry's genes are present in last year's three chicks but what chance have they got?

Henry gained quite a reputation last year as wonderful bird. Pity he seems to have gone :(

Marie...well women say they want nice reliable partners but often seem to choose other wise! :)

Marie 04/19/05 03:56 am Well said Tiger, well said!
karen 04/19/05 08:22 am Tiger why do you think last years 3 Henry chicks do not have a chance? Were they ringed so that you would know next year if they return?
Tiger 04/19/05 03:58 pm Oh Karen as good as any other young osprey but that is not much. Since only about 20% of young ospreys make it through the first year, then one could only expect one of Henry's offspring to survive at best.

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