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Thread subject: Better weather on Long Island
Name Date Message
Pam 04/24/05 06:44 pm Still looks breezy but lovely sunshine today and the birds look happier. Whilst it was raining on Long Island yesterday it was a lovely at Race Rocks in Canada and for those interested - I was lucky enough to catch sight of a young eagle and was able to get some really close shots - you can even see his tongue and the saliva in his mouth (gross?) and a good shot of nictitation. Anyway if you wish to view, go to:
Bedtime here in UK now, so goodnight all !
JoJo 04/24/05 07:09 pm Your photos are exceptional! How lucky you were to get them! And the detail is awesome. Thank you for sharing these!
Shelley 04/24/05 08:58 pm Pam, those are amazing!!! Thank you. WOW! Such stunning closeups!

Have you met up yet with Marie and Tiger? Curious minds want to know...! ;-)
Cecilia 04/24/05 10:05 pm I loved them all but the lighting and framing of 635 is my favorite. It's really beautiful! Thanks Pam.
Kathy 04/24/05 10:08 pm You always capture great pictures,thanks for sharing.
Todays weather was beautiful a little chilly and breezy but the sun was out.
Lori 04/24/05 10:17 pm Thankyou Pam! truely geat pictures. I always enjoy looking at your work! :-)
Celeste 04/25/05 05:32 am Absolutely was definitely a "National Geographic Special".....thank you so very much!
Sheri B 04/25/05 07:19 am The pictures were so great. Thanks for sharing!
cathy 04/25/05 11:36 am What a privelige to see an eagle in its natural state so close! The tongue is fascinating.
Pam 04/25/05 03:53 pm Glad you looked at the photos - I really love to share them with people who appreciate them. There aren't many eagles about at RR these days so you have to make the most of the any opportunity to get the screencaps. As you can see, I am up to over 600 for this year so far but I never get tired of looking at them. The glazed look from friends and relatives must be very familiar to quite a few of us who want to share our enthusiasm for birds. Shelley - we meet on Wednesday hopefully and I am really hoping the weather will be good.
Tiger 04/25/05 04:54 pm Pam. According to the weather forecast the weather should be fairly good.
Celeste 04/25/05 05:33 pm Can't wait to hear all about it!
Lori 04/25/05 08:44 pm Happy meeting to you both!! Keep us posted !

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