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Thread subject: Back From The Dead!!
Name Date Message
Tiger 04/25/05 01:28 pm I was going to report the amazing news regarding the Loch Garten Ospreys but events have moved on.

I just got a private message that Henry is back from "the dead". Not sure of the details but no doubt he will not be pleased that EJ is sitting on eggs fathered by another osprey who has now gone off to his wife!

Meanwhile a young osprey has been feeding EJ fish.

Henry is apparently not in good shape whatever that means.

Oh Karen how could you miss this truly gripping soap opera.

Anyway see:

No doubt there will be an update tomorrow.
Marie 04/25/05 04:26 pm I have just received an E-mail from the fellow at Loch Garten to announce Henry's return...
Confirmation of what Tiger has written in this thread.
I too have returned from the lovely English countryside of Sussex, after six days away to find peace. Next event to go find OSPREY with Tiger and Pam... ;-) on WEDS this week..
cathy 04/25/05 04:36 pm Welcome back to the Message Board, Marie. I look forward to your wonderful descriptions - now from England birddom. We are having peaceful brooding time in Brookhaven. The action on the nest is like watching paint drying, grass growing and eggs brooding. Most of the other nests (eagles and owls and herons) have big chicks, though.
Marie 04/25/05 05:11 pm Thank you Cathy....the English birds seem to be abundant in the countryside from my observations especially in the wee small early hours of the morning when they wake me up...
Certainly many pheasants in the very green fields. The swallows and swifts are returning from their winter migration in Africa now. Bluebells everywhere in the woods. Cherry trees in fulll bloom and the yellow rape seed fields dot the green countryside with carpets/ribbons of gold. Quite dazzling in places. I haven't seen one large raptor which amazes me. Swans on the lakes and ponds. Rooks/crows nest communally in trees in very large nests, but not as large as osprey nests. Next week for two days I will fly to Scotland to be with an avid birder who will show ME Osprey... probably not at Loch Garten which is where so many of Scotland's osprey nest( and Tiger speaks of) as I believe that is too far from Aberdeen where I will be staying. Anywhere in Scotland is going to be great for ospreys!
Tiger 04/25/05 05:15 pm They will still be celebrating the return of Henry next week. I can see Henry is going to become a very famous osprey.
Tiger 04/26/05 08:26 am Read the up to date story now!
Cecilia 04/26/05 08:52 am Tiger...I finally found that time to catch up with the Loch Garten saga...whew! What a great story. I can't wait to hear what happens next. Will Henry win back his nest, will 8T defend his eggs, who's on first? :-)

Did you read that EJ did go fishing for herself and brought back a really big fish that took her 3 hours to eat? She's a role model for Betty if Dennis doesn't get going on the fish delivery!

Here's the story of the big catch:

"After 3 hours of 'nagging' EJ had obviously had enough and left, flying strongly, gaining height. Gone fishing for herself? All the signs suggested so. Within 20 seconds we had an empty nest as Red 8T followed in hot pursuit. We were surprised and delighted by our male's return in less than half an hour with a fish.

The brown trout was on the small side - but hey! Any port in a storm! Where was EJ? We hardly had time to pose the question when she landed on the nest beside the male with a catch which most fisherman would describe as 'the one that got away.' It was a monster and draped over the side of the nest. Would Red 8T realise that size was not important? Its what you do with it that counts.

Despite having caught her own meal EJ began her soliciting calls. Red 8T looked at her catch, surveyed his own, then immediately took flight to the camera tree where it took him less than 12 minutes to completely finish his meal. Thank goodness he did not add insult to injury by attempting to share our female's meal. It took her almost 3 hours to eat, but she obviously was in need of sustenance".
Marie 04/26/05 09:01 am Thank you Cecelia for all that really is a saga...I had to smile with the wording of one of your sentances re size of that fish...I won't say any more... ;-)
Cecilia 04/26/05 09:05 am Marie...that wasn't my was written by the folks who write the Loch Garten "Diary". But it gave me a laugh too...they have a very wry sense of humor and the weekly logs are often tongue in cheek and very funny!
Tiger 04/26/05 09:23 am Hi Cecila.

The eggs have nothing to do with 8T either. It was VS that fertilised the eggs before he flew off to his own nest. Seems like VS was not really serious about nesting with his ex-wife. But if a male can get away with it..........after all this way he has the prospect of six or seven chicks this year.

8T clearly thinks that the eggs in the nest are nothing to do with him as he keeps throwing them out of the cup.

So what should Henry do now! Accept this is his fault and go with the eggs in the nest?? Or should he insist on a new clutch??

Cecilia 04/26/05 10:10 am It's really a soap opera:-)

Is it too late there for EJ and Henry to start over?
Tiger 04/26/05 01:13 pm There is still plenty of time for them to start over. The last date for osprey eggs in Scotland is May 22.

To be honest I think they would be better to start over as I doubt any of those eggs will hatch. However if they do we will have to think again about how long eggs can be chilled and still hatched successfully.

Marie 04/26/05 02:27 pm I think I agree with you Tiger....Henry needs to start over because I can't really see that these eggs ie the first two would be viable...perhaps we will see an egg smashing party soon...boy these birds certainly give us lots to think about, don't they?
Tiger 04/27/05 06:47 pm Oh developments today.

Henry has driven off 8T and smashed the eggs!

Looks like he is asserting his authority.

Wonder if he will persuade EJ to lay a second clutch?

This really is unknown territory.

Tiger 04/27/05 06:48 pm BTW see:

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