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Thread subject: A Red Kite Day
Name Date Message
Marie 04/28/05 06:32 pm Today was one of those special days with Pam and her husband Dennis. Hard not to call Pam Betty in view of this site. However I didn't, which I am sure she appreciated.
We set off in less than clement weather but as the day wore on it got better. The wind was the biggest factor, but we coped with our 'bad hair day' look as we entered the two eating establishments, ie PUBS for lunch and supper between our Nature treks. Wonderful food and beer again. The countryside of Leicestershire and Northamptonshire was particularly spectacular for we drove through lush green fields dotted with wooly sheep, miles upon miles of bright yellow rape seed meadows. We meandered the English country narrow roads which took us through quaint and delightfully charming villages. Often the character homes were made of local golden coloured stone quarried from the surrounding hills. Some homes supported thatched roofs. These were some of the prettiest villages I have ever seen. The focus for our outing today was to search out the Red Kite, a raptor bird reintroduced to England in the 1989. They had been previously wiped out. I am pleased to say they are increasing in numbers and having the pleasure of seeing 6 on the wing this afternoon, soaring above the fields was indeed a thrill. This species is a magnificent bird with a swallow shaped tail. One of the wardens at Fineshade Woods, which we visited to see specifically the Red Kite declared that a 1000 birds have been seen within the Leicester/Northampton area. Apparently there is no nest aggression by the young which helps keep the numbers of this species on the increase. The rest of our day kept us busy at several locations including a visit to the place where Mary Queen of Scots was beheaded at Fotheringhay. I received a history lesson in English history between my lusting after English birds at the various stop-offs. In all we have seen 48 species of bird in two days. I am so pleased. It included two wonderful close encounters with Canada geese and Mute Swans on eggs. Tiger you misssed a fabulous day of BIRDING, but not one Osprey. I really feel blessed in meeting Pam and Dennis...and you too Tiger... ;-)
Cecilia 04/28/05 07:29 pm're making us all so jealous :-)

48 species of birds in two days?'s a birder's paradise!!!

Any new birds for your life list?

Have a beer for all of us and fly home safely!
Celeste 04/28/05 07:48 pm Sounds wonderful again! Yes, please do have 2 beers for all of us! Cheers!
Tiger 04/28/05 07:58 pm Oh it sounds as if you have had a marvellous day out.

I certainly agree with you Marie that our meeting up have been truly wonderful. Shows how many myths there are about people on the Internet.

Oh the beheading of Mary Queen of Scots is a major event in England as it led to Philip of Spain sending the Armada against England the very next year (1588).

Hope you have a safe trip "home" tomorrow.

Lori 04/28/05 08:39 pm Thankyou for sharing your "meeting" with us. Your trip & the english countryside sounds like a wounderous thing. I'm not even sure I could identify 48 different birds! Safe journey home. :-)
Marie 04/29/05 06:18 pm LOL...Tiger I knew YOU would come up with a date. The Armada no less...guess the unfortunate Queen lost her head in all the history of Queen Mary, who incidently always signed her name MARIE R,( SHE HAD A FRENCH CONNECTION) during my return to London. I had to read to amuse myself since I never had you Tiger there to entertain me with DATES.

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